Loot Ninja Review: Goldeneye 007

Loot Ninja writes: "Freshman year of college was a huge gaming year for me. A few of us had Nintendo 64′s with the two biggest games of the day: Goldeneye and WCW vs. NWO Revenge. Countless nights were spent with friends hovered around the television pounding away at the odd shaped N64 controller. We even had custom cardboard dividers made to tape the TV so no one could see your section of the FPS world in Goldeneye. Yep, it got that competitive. When I heard that Activision was remaking the cult classic, I had my doubts. The Wii has never been the premiere platform for first person shooters and I worried that the game wouldn’t translate well to 2010. Well, I was wrong. Goldeneye 007 is a hit."

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