The Future of A.I. In Games

Artificial intelligence (AI) in games has matured significantly in the past decade. Creating effective AI systems has now become as important for game developers as creating solid gameplay and striking visuals. Studios have begun to assign dedicated programming teams to AI development from the onset of a game’s design cycle, spending more time and resources on trying to build varied, capable, and consistent non-player characters (NPCs).

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CombineElite2957d ago

GSC's A-Life AI system in Stalker Call of Pripyat IMO is the best Ai I have ever encounter except in MilSims.

Back in the day GTA 3 had great AI with so many on screen NPC's but now it's so predictable but the A-Life system in Stalker is second to none for the fact that they actually do everything that you do.

I've sat in awe as NPC's kill other NPC's, drag the body into the bushes and then take all the weapons, food, ammo and other goodies from the dead bodies.

Leave a corpse laying their and the dogs will come drag it away for a snack so hiding loot in dead bodies isn't a sure thing anymore.

QuantumSponge2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

There's no such thing as A.I. in games. Reactionary algorithms, maybe, but to speak of A.I. and actually *mean* A.I., as opposed to using the term as a convenient shorthand, is being ignorant.

Then again, we're nowhere near creating "true A.I." anywhere else, for that matter. But games, with their need to focus memory resources elsewhere (graphics, audio, geometry, simple physics calculations), are unlikely to be the breeding ground for A.I., at least in the near future.