Top 8 Gaming's Best Villainous Abodes

Game Podunker DanCurits writes, "Ok ok, technically its a film villain abode, but you have to admit it is probably one of the most iconic villainous abodes ever, and its appearance in Star Wars games is always a joy. I particularly enjoyed making my way through it in the Force Unleashed, chucking storm-troopers into the planet-destroying laser beam as it switched on, frying them to particles in a split-second..."

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CombineElite2954d ago

great list except it lacked the best one after the Death Star.

The Citadel from Half life 2.

You get to see the Citadel from far away a few times during the game and it's a monster that towers over everything as it touches the sky which just so happens to have a huge black portal right above it.

When you get close you realize the dam thing is actually moving as it gets higher and the base of it expands. Once inside you are greeted to the horrors of what the Combine are doing to Humanity plus you see their weapons and ships being manufactured.

It's an awesomely eerie sight and a feeling of "i gotta take this thing down or mankind is DOOMED" but first where's the bathroom.

tacosRcool2952d ago

The best game ever!

Sad that this person never played HL2 because he would of included this in the list

PidgeottosCrew2953d ago

Good list but poorly executed.