PS3Vault Review: Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011

PS3Vault: "When you think of hunting games you think of two names, Buck Hunter and Cabela’s. The hunting genre has always been an interesting one. They don’t have blockbuster sales like first person shooter’s or RPG’s, but they have a very distinct fan base. Some of the most successful hunting games are the arcade Buck Hunter’s with full size gun controllers. Not to say that the Cabela’s games aren’t as good, it just seems to be that they are a step behind. Has Activision stepped up its game? Hit the break and check out our verdict."

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InfectedDK2958d ago

I might buy this one :-)

Sidology2958d ago

:( I don't wanna shoot tigers.

xyxzor2958d ago

I played a little bit of this and it was decent.