Born In Blood: How Mortal Kombat Can Pull Off A Flawless Victory

Andreas Asimakis writes, "While most gamers fondly remember their earliest fighting game experiences with the likes of Ryu and Ken, I spent my time with ninjas, namely Scorpion and Sub-zero. Gamers can argue over which of the two games was the superior fighter but looking back, Mortal Kombat always managed to gather a crowd of anxious onlookers unlike any arcade title of its time. And with the release of Mortal Kombat II, the franchise would be propelled into greatness, becoming more than just a graphic fighting game. But as the digitized fighter entered the 3D arena, the Mortal Kombat universe would be plagued with lackluster releases, and the once ballsy franchise would lose its competitive edge in the genre it dominated so viciously. Now that the fighter is poised to step back into the arena, one question remains: Will this latest installment be enough to cleanse the stigma of its recent releases?"

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