Which games “work” well with Kinect so far?

Sarcastic Gamer - Kinect is all the rage. Suddenly, there’s a lot of fitness and motion “sports” games to digest. It’s to be expected I guess. Shovelware will come and games will be made for Kinect, but it does have a few issues to resolve. One of the biggest issues, at least to me, is how well do the games actually work with Kinect?

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-Mezzo-2931d ago

Man that Picture is weird, i cannot stop using it. lol

MariaHelFutura2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

LOL. The pic NEVER gets old.

Who am I kidding...I`ll be doing that in my living room when I get GT5.


-Mezzo-2931d ago

LOL, you and me both but, you and me both,.

dtrain212931d ago

They all work very well

PaPa-Slam2931d ago

I hope you have actually played Kinect & are not just trolling.

T9X692930d ago

Well I own Kinect and played quite a few games so far. They all work pretty well, as I've tried Kinect Adventures, Joyride, Kinect Sports, Dance Central, and one of the fitness games (it was a demo on Kinect Adventures, don't remember which one). The only ones that actually work "very" well are Kinect Sports and Dance Central. I actually own Kinect Sports and it does work very well, kind of took me by surprise. Only played the demo of Dance Central though.

IaMs122930d ago

No they actually do really work.

Im an RA at my college and a fellow RA wrote a proposal of why the housing should buy our Hall a Kinectic and Xbox 360. It worked and we got one just the other day. the Residents have been playing it all the time and they thoroughly enjoy it being able to literally step right on in.

It works good. It wasnt as hyped up as MS made it to be but its not as Fail as everyone on this site says it is.

punkpop1012930d ago

I hope all the ps3 fanboys actually played Kinect before trolling but that can't happen can it?

Valay2931d ago

I hope you're kidding...

-Mezzo-2931d ago

He's definitely trolling.

bennyace2930d ago

He's definately trolling about Kinect in a Xbox 360 article, in the Xbox 360 section... Yeah right...

Masamori Sumimura2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

this is life on n4g. say something positive about a MS related product In A MS related article and you get called a troll by some sony defenders. Who's really out of place?

Hayabusaman2931d ago

Looks cool I should get one

SpaceSquirrel2931d ago

I'll get one as well if I can find a deal on it.

Hitman07692931d ago

I'm interested to see how awesome this turns out (or not awesome).

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