Kotaku Review: Fighters Uncaged And The Problem With Punching Air

In the classic boxing movie Rocky II, Rocky Balboa learned to beat better fighters by chasing a chicken. As an instrument for simulating face-pummeling and rib-cracking, Fighters Uncaged — the first Kinect fighting game! — is only slightly less ridiculous.

Fighters Uncaged is a fighting game played in the spacious part of your living room, where you have room to throw punches, kicks and headbutts. With nary a controller in your hand, your moves are tracked by the advanced Kinect sensor and used to pummel some virtual trash-talking dude on your TV. With patience, you can unlock a full dozen bad guys to beat up, all with a virtual hero you're violently puppeteering. Given how awesome video games are at violence, surely Ubisoft's Fighters Uncaged game should at least be as good as a Kinect dancing game, right?

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ksense2958d ago

"Ideal Player

People who eat steak raw, who prefer rough drafts to polished texts and those who want to sit a grandchild on their knee some day and tell them about the days when motion-fighting games on the Xbox 360 sometimes mistook punches for kicks and were, uh, single-player."

LOL. looks like Kinect has its very own Move Title:The Fight in terms of bad reviews