Destructoid Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Destructoid: "It's that time of the year again. November is officially designated Call of Duty month. It's the reason why this time of the year no longer has a huge saturation of top quality games, as publishers scrabble to steer clear of Activision's almighty entertainment behemoth.

With its power to completely empty launch calenders, Call of Duty: Black Ops sees Treyarch taking the reins from Infinity Ward for another crack at the whip. With Infinity Ward on its knees at the moment, has the "lesser" studio stepped out from the shadows to seize the series as its own? We'll probably need a videogame review to answer such a burning question!"

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kancerkid2955d ago

Too bad he got a PC version, which is having so many problems.

Is he the only reviewer mentioning the unplayability of the PC version? It is unplayable! Worse than New Vegas. I am talking about multiplayer.

UNCyrus2955d ago

Jim Sterling review... 'nuff said

DORMIN2955d ago

His inconsistencies and need for attention/controversy are an insult to game developers and gamers looking for a fair judgement.

SnuggleBandit2955d ago

I dont see why you all are so the damn review

"Once the multiplayer is fixed, feel free to pop at least two more points, most likely even three, into this review's score. I can only review what I've got in front of me, however, and what I've got is a superb game that has pissed all over itself."

-Alpha2955d ago


My MP experience is completely smooth, but if he is completely justified in that sense. However, I am somewhat confused with his scaling-- he knocked down 3 points for the MP mess he is experiencing?

Anyway, I got it on PS3 and it's one helluva game

Danteh2955d ago

I like Destructoid more and more each day

Jim Sterling always shits on every other reviewer's face and doesn't give a fuck, lol :P

Redlogic2955d ago

Instead of just looking at the score and making a retarded comment about the review, you should try reading them. I like how Destructiod reviews games. They are honest and actually use a full 10 point scale. Each number has it's own explanation and each review is explained and well thought out. Try reading kids, it's good for you!

Acquiescence2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I hate COD/Activision...yet I also hate Jim Sterling. I know he's always pining for hits...yet I'm glad he was one of the few to call bullshit on this annual rehash.

Mighty confuzzled right now.

Y'know, while I'm here, I'll add that the most noteworthy thing about Failing Sterling is that his wrist is as wide as the widest part of his hand. So it doesn't actually look like he's got wrists at all, it just looks like his hands have sunk into his arms. Interesting tidbit for y'all.

lastdual2955d ago

Honestly, this sounds about right for the current state of the PC version, if my friend's experience is anything to go by.

I know the 360 and PS3 versions are deserving of a better score, and I'll probably end up picking one of those up sooner or later, but I'm in no rush this year.

GCNSeanFoster2955d ago

Yeah...This is also the same site that gave Deadly Premonition a perfect 10...

Redlogic2955d ago

That review was a joke of sorts. It was one of those "its so bad it's good" type things. You obviously didn't read it, just saw the I said above, read the reviews don't just look at the score

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pimpmaster2955d ago

dumbass gives deadly premonition a 10 and all these other way better games 6s. serious facepalm

dgroundwater2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Hurhur Deadly Premonition was bad I know this cuz a saw the grafx and they sucked.

You do know that review sites other than IGN actually took their time and played the game for themselves. Many discovered it is worthy of scores in the 7-8 range.

Jim Sterling was simply making a point by giving it a 10. It worked, and awareness rose for a game that deserves to be noticed.

PrimordialSoupBase2955d ago

Deadly Premonition might look like ass but it's an absolutely fascinating piece of design and a truly hilarious game. I won't argue numbers but it's certainly better and more interesting than anything the Call of Duty series has ever offered.

jc485732955d ago

It's reviews like this we get to try bad games and they aren't bad either.

-Mezzo-2955d ago

1 look at the score & i knew this was written by 'Jim Sterling', I honest to god did not clicked the link.

This guys working so hard to be wrapped up in a controversy.

Jim, pal you never disappoint me with you Pathetic excuse of a Reviews.

Ninja-Sama2955d ago

Yup the stuttering on PC is near unbearable, and I have a PC that runs Crysis @ 40-50 fps on max settings.

The stuttering is rly taking away the enjoyment from the game.

raztad2955d ago

It looks like a very legit review to me. Guy is talking about PC version. Online is essentially broken (zombie stuff works tho). SP is fine, it seems, although some people are reporting SP is stuttering as well.

Considering the DF analysis showed the PS3 version running at 40fps and with even lower resolution than MW2, clearly the only SKU Treyard/Activision cared about was the xbox one.

PS360fanboy2955d ago

C'mon Jim, you're getting so predictable!

The king of internet videogame trolling!

MonkeyBoy922955d ago

he had nothing but good things to say about the game, expect the multiplayer (on the PC version).

Would you rather he recommended a game that had faults? Its the job of a reviewer to make us the consumer aware of these problems. He clearly states he would give it an 8 out of 10 once these problems are fixed, and they will be fixed.

FrankenLife2955d ago

Unplayable my ass. I have the PC version, and it runs fine on my rig. "Worse than New Vegas.", is one of the dumbest things you could say about it. Yeah, some people are having problems, and that sucks, but nothing on the scale of New Vegas.

frostypants2954d ago

Why the hell did they review just the broken PC version? If there are major bugs impacting it that aren't on the consoles, then publish two reviews.

After playing more last night, I've come to the conclusion that this one has the best multiplayer in the series so far. And unlike MW2 and to some extent MW, THIS one actually feels like a Call of Duty game.

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ksense2955d ago

cod haters gonna love this....

kancerkid2955d ago

If you rad the review he rated it poorly because the MP on PC DOES NOT WORK

frostypants2954d ago

Which is why he should have made it clear that this review was for PC only.

Baka-akaB2955d ago

meh not a fan of cod , and still think the man is an insufferable clown seeking hits .

Gue12955d ago

Who reviewed this? Jim Sterling by any chance? I just don't want to give them a hit...

kancerkid2955d ago

Read the review. He loves the single player. The Multiplayer is BROKEN though. (PC)

kaveti66162955d ago

And? Why didn't he review the console versions?

TheBlackSmoke2955d ago

Well isn't PC "teh superiorz verzion" ?

frostypants2954d ago

Who's disagreeing with kaveti6616?

It's a legit question...why DIDN'T the dumbass review the other versions? Or at least admit that this review ONLY applies to the broken PC version? I would hope Metacritic will throw this non-console review out in their 360 and PS3 sections.

kancerkid2954d ago

Oh, so you think he gets all the versions shipped to him and can just pick. READ THE FUCKING REVIEW NIMWIT! He got the PC version first.

solidjun52954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

OH stop with the screaming over the internet. Stop insulting people, just because you want them to visit the site you work for.

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Whitey2k2955d ago

the review suck he didnt mention that pc version suffers from Memory leak on the cpu hence the lag fest and i have never come across connection problems