Radio Shack Black Friday Ad Leaked: Video Game Deals List

"Radio Shack (a.k.a. The Shack) will open their doors on Friday at 4am. These items will be available with discounts online on Thursday though, and sell out quick!

Here is the complete list of video game related deals..."

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darthv722929d ago

In 08 I went to a black friday at the shack to get a DS3 for $20. They didnt have them so I went to Fry's. I didnt get a DS3 there either but did walk out with a samsung 42" plasma for $500.

My wife didnt think it was a good trade off but me and the kids sure do.

zireno2929d ago

wow, that's a very very veeeeery long list :O

JacobIsHollywood2929d ago

Holy Crap!!!

Gran Turismo 5 for $44.99?!?!?!?

RockmanII72929d ago

looks like as of now Target has the best deals. Hopefully someone beats them.

Neo Nugget2929d ago

Target has some smokin' deals. I got Dead Space on Black Friday for 30 bucks a couple years ago. Looks like I might get NFS if that turns out to be decent.

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