Ten Games You're Likely to Trade In

PSUni writes "Every year the gaming industry is toppled over with more and more great games that every gamer should purchase and enjoy. However, along with that increasing number of quality titles comes the increasing number of trade-ins as well to places like, GameStop, and even Best Buy now. Despite how great a game is, when it lacks true multiplayer or a reason to keep it past its 6-15 hour campaign, it's likely going to either sit on a shelf collecting dust or receive the 25% treatment towards a future title at GameStop."

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Baka-akaB2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Only games i bother trading are sport games (pes) , or fighting games that became worthless with their sequels (like sf4) .

And i avoid trading in stores ... not funding them whenever i can .

himdeel2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

...because I've ended up buying them a second time. Multiplats I trade them like it's going out of style. That being said you're better off selling games to people you know or on ebay or amazon. Trading in at Gamestop or BestBuy makes you lose too much money.

Downtown boogey2958d ago

Why should it matter if it's an exclusive and or not? They're still 'just games' if you perceive things OBJECTIVELY.

Immortal3212957d ago

I can beat those games within a week with all the trophies, and get my money back.


y trade in any game... i keep them for collection. the more the better :)

Downtown boogey2958d ago

You get money to buy new games instead of having the old games gathering dust on your shelf.

Hudahudahuda2958d ago

They may gather dust on account of your short attention span downtown but every game I buy I keep and play atleast multiple times. Take dead space for example. After initially playing it two times I went back a few months later to relive it and it felt fresh again as I didn't recall all the details and monsters. And I just finished a playthrough recently again. Trading in games to gamestop is so incredibly stupid, you get ripped off so badly and they mark up the price by atleast 20 dollars and if you ever want to play the game again you have to rebuy it. Only retarded casuals trade in games. Normal casuals rent.

CobraKai2958d ago

I keep going back to old games every now and then. Sports games I understand, but for the most part, when I'm "finish" a game, it doesn't necessarily mean I absolutely done with it.

BTW. The games on this list I do have, I still play and very much enjoy.

wedgie2957d ago

Agreed. Just replayed both Uncharteds myself, even though they are mostly 1 player. Who knew games are fun even if you already beat them?

I usually go back to a game after a while, even if I platinumed or beat it a while ago, etc.

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gameraxis2958d ago

including GOW3 (now look at my avatar) but honestly its kind of ironic how much i agreed with that article, but the ONE thing is, GOW3 is MY favorite franchise of all time. i played it 6 times, on every difficulty and it is the ONLY game i platinumed. That said, i feel that the people who buy GOW aren't the type to rush through it once and bring it back, a least the majority of the fans... imo, the fans, and in my personal case as well, will play the crap out of this game (until kratos asks for mercy and we all know that ain't happening lol) on every difficulty, Platinum it (which i wish was given with a chaos difficulty completion (Hardest), instead of just the regular hard difficulty) and mess around with all the costumes and "godly possessions" such as Hades crown just for kicks... but if there are any Fanatics for GOW like me, they'll never get rid of it, and after they do what i just said above, they'll put it at the bottom of their draw, maybe, but never will they return it because there will be that day that the true GOW fan is waiting or hoping for DLC, or waiting or hoping for the next installment, that they're Frothing for Kratos, and will fire it up 2 or 3 times a year... again, that's me, but I've spoken to some who i know feel the same way... But like i said in the beginning, if ur not FULLY addicted to GOW, but just like it, and aren't interested in platinuming or beating it on chaos (true skill no more xx triangle) then yea, return it after u beat it on normal or whatever... i'd expect that from any single player only game, UNLESS ur just drop dead crazy for the series and love EVERYTHING about it... there are a CRAPLOAD of UNBELIEVABLE games that are out there and especially coming out, and I'm pretty annoyingly picky, but GOW has always been that one series/game (1,2,3,) that i LOVE EVERY single aspect of it, the psp games as well given the hardware limitations because their on a portable. I Just watched an old trailer once again of GOW3, and all those skins that give u "perks" were released, i had the new black ops in my hand and i was like, COD isn't going anywhere, i gotta beat the sh*te out of Zeus and his comrades once again... lol ok with the spuuging all over GOW, i thought this was a very well written article, explained their reasoning and if u made it this far, let me know who u are and I'll bubble u up via pm lol...

kaveti66162958d ago


Space out your writing, please.

Nerox32958d ago

to sum up what he said
1)good list
2)im a die-hard gow fan and would never trade it
3)even though i finished it on all difficulties
4)but if u aint like me,then i agree,some people might trade it after playing it,and finishing it(since its a single player game it does have an end)
5)but ill never be sick of it
6)hope there is DLC
7) good article

and i agree with the guy :P :P

gameraxis2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

stop writing when i just wake up for the sake of the world... sorry guys tend to ramble sloppy sentences, can't organize thoughts. whether its a nap or just waking up in the morning...

just read necrox's post lol

visualb2958d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

imho that game sits together with my ICO and my Devil May Cry

no, not as an absolutely unique revolution to gaming, but as a timeless classic

mark my words, if you pop in GOWIII in 5 years, it'll still feel fresh, its a game that will stand the tests of time

imho, its a must keep classic, but thats just me.
+ funny 5 of the games games a hack&slash games... =3

@ below
I agree, I don't think a game has to be revolutionary to be good, if not even a classic, it just has to be amazing

Uncharted 2 =) nothing NEW, but it did everything almost perfectly

Nerox32957d ago

i dont understand why people expect a SEQUEL to be revolutionary....
its the first game that should be so(which gow1 indeed was)....and the sequels just add more of the same and perfect the original(evolutionary )
if the sequel is different then players will be playing a new game so why not make a new franchise instead,,,

Stuart57562957d ago

Get God Of War 3 off that list!

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Greek God2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

i keep my games never traded any in, never will

UP2958d ago

I thought I was the only one. I somehow always play old games again. Last summer I finished all the ps2 final fantasy games again.

Greek God2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

yeah i did that too but i replayed them on my psp
i hope FFX HD will be made ^^

TheLastGuardian2958d ago

I used to trade my games in until I realised how much Gamestop was ripping me off. I'd rather have my games collecting dust than to sell them to gamestop.

poet2152958d ago

^^^^^^ I agree 100%!!! A new game is $59.99, I'm cool with that that. How is that same game used $54.99? When most likely the trade in value given to the customer was probably $20-$25.

Cenobia2957d ago

I've only ever seen Gamestop give like $15 for barely used games.

Luckily I have never traded games into them. I did buy their used games once because of a special discount, but then they charged me for what I thought was a free magazine subscription.

Never again.

poet2152957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

@ Cenobia above^^^^: $15, that's even worse...exactly why I try not to fuel their sales with my money. I have 25 PS3 games, 3 of which were bought on launch day. I've bought some stinkers @ super cheap prices. You definitely get what you pay for. I had taken a chance on games like Conan, Enchanted Arms, Spider Man 3....which were priced @ $12-$15 brand new for a reason. Lol..Lol...None bought @ GS. I refuse to buy any used games from them. I bought 4 games when they ran that $19.99 on select new games sale in the summer of 2009 & I swear I was given used games. Re-wrapped games with stickers on the actual case....their practices period are horrible towards the many times can a store expect to receive new prices for the same item?....I don't care how new a game is to the market, if a new copy is $ can I pay $55 for a used open copy? $5 off from the price of a new unused copy is ridiculous. If they sale a game @ $60....& someone returns it for a paltry $15...& GS re-tag & sell it @ $55 again....imagine if that cycle gets repeated 2 or 3 times for a game....these blood suckers have made $100 profit off the game with just two that's crazy

protekjv2958d ago

even as collection, it doesn't matter to me if I played and/or pass it once. I still have LAIR for christ sake, I only played it once.

Neo Nugget2958d ago

Mmmmmm, does rent count? I don't trade in games anymore. Sick of getting shitty credit values for them.

user83971442958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I would rather trade in my kidney than trade in God of War 3!

Downtown boogey2958d ago

Got platinum from it, traded it and never even thought about it again.

TheLastGuardian2958d ago

I got the platinum after my second playthrough and it's been sitting on my shelf for months. I will play it again now that I have the deimos skin.

Nerox32958d ago

ur thinking about it now when u wrote this comment xD
no one forgets kratos its impossible :P

silkrevolver2958d ago

...I like to support developers. I’ll trade games with friends, but that’s the extent of it.

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