Surpassing The Wii: Nintendo's Next Move (RunDLC)

No one can debate the Wii’s success. Nintendo managed to secure a first place lead in this generation’s console war by appealing to both hardcore and casual gamers with a system that’s so easy to use, even grandparents can’t resist bowling a few frames and playing tennis. But let’s face it, after four years of dominance and stiff competition from Microsoft and Sony, the Wii may have run its course. That said, it’s almost time for Nintendo to unveil the next evolution of Wii or something new entirely.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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2932d ago
TheDCD2932d ago

Next move needs to be some kind of HD.

donniebaseball2932d ago

Yeah bring on the new console already Nintendo!

N4g_null2932d ago

That list sort of sucks.
Online unified sucks too I want multiple accounts so clan gaming is supported. You get this in most big publisher wii games. It's the pc model. No friend codes.

We need bc like the old pc emulator with increased resolution out put or the ability to run the games in classic sd.

The wiiware thing is being unified I believe because of the 3ds.

What is needed is pc class shader out put. Also quality settings would be nice. Some people hate 15fps gaming while other don't. This would be a software issue though.

Is it time for a nintendo upgrade path? Two next gen systems sli-Ed together would be sweet.

Make the wii motes cam better with different modes ir to image so we could buy another remote for tracking on an ir deck. Motion control should keep marching on and it should allow more options.

turok2932d ago

that myth seriously needs to be debunked.

also holographic tech? I recall ninty having a patent with some company in relation to that but nothing is up atm. better online im inclined to agree.

What Nintendo needs is some form of hard drive for space, better online, a new storage format for the games (dont even bother talkin to me about the blu ray crap it aint gonna happen period get over it ignorant gamers), a new way to play games that will either top move in terms of motion control, or abandon motion control in favor of new which wud destroy the point of why move and kinect exists to begin with.

oh and while refreshing ips do new ips to satisfy the scum of gaming who seems to get tired easily over milked franchises.