Initial Kinect Sales Revealed

Microsoft launched the Kinect Sensor on November 4th in the Americas and VGChartz data shows that as of 6th, over 475,000 Kinect Sensors had been sold in the Americas. Kinect Adventures is bundled with every Kinect system so the top selling stand-alone Kinect software is Kinect Sports, closely followed by Dance Central.

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SiteNblog Defender2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Impressive. That's more than Move did in NA in the same time-frame.

2475d ago
Acquiescence2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

is a fool. The people who run that site are as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.

Last I heard, the kid who actually started the site is a full-blown 360 fanboy who was banned from the NeoGAF forum for causing too much friction with his pro-Microsoft rantings and mock sale numbers. That right there is all you need to know.

WaggleLOL2475d ago

Complete silence from Microsoft on actual Kinect sales.

And fabricated sales numbers from some little kid's fake sales website.

Yeah, 'impressive'. Hilarious!

dalibor2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

If your heart is broken b/c Move did not sell as well as Kinect or vice versa than I don't think you should really be following sales. My question is do 360 gamers really like Kinect? Is it a good thing for the 360? Is Move/Kinect better than the other for having more sales? I just don't care, give me damn good games to keep playing and don't get rid of controllers otherwise count me out when it comes to gaming. ~

WaggleLOL2475d ago

Yes, the kid's name was ioi on the neogaf forums.

Hardcore Xbox fanboy. Got permanently banned for repeatedly making up fake sales numbers to try to make the 360 look like it was selling more than it really was.

He was so bad at lying that I believe you aren't even allowed to use his name or his fake sales site, vgchartz, without getting banned on neogaf.

Game-ur2475d ago

Even if this is true it’s a far cry from "millions" in day one sales hyped, this is actually a down to earth number.

And Move soled pretty well and a success already, Kinect sales don’t change that fact.

darthv722475d ago

I love how this goes. VGChartz numbers are ALWAYS going to be the center of debate amongst you people arent they?

You agree with them when they are in your platforms favor and disagree up the wazoo when they arent.

Lets all agree to disagree and say that their numbers are a guesstimation and not the gospel. Still...people will question even the "official" ones released from the horses mouth (mfg).

There is just no pleasing anybody with sales so why do you all bother? Get back to playing games. It's much more fun than counting pixels and adding up statistics.

Anon19742475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Vgchartz are fake. That's all there is to it. It doesn't matter who they say are ahead - last week they said the PS3 was kicking ass in the weekly sales, and I still pointed out that it's fake. Doesn't matter who they say is ahead, they simply aren't credible.

And why should they be? Look at the source. It's some guy who used to call local stores, get some estimates then extraplote that across the country. Then he started recruiting people in internet forums when he found out they worked in retail to get their best guesses, from which he'd extrapolate the info. It's nothing but a fan run site who have been shown time and time again to be grossly inaccurate until they make adjustments for when real numbers are available.

This article should be labeled at best a rumor, at worst - fake.

Ju2475d ago

Even if the numbers are true, they are on the level what Move sold. Far from anything exciting. And what's interesting is, that even though 500K sold (with Kinect Adventures) only 142K Kinect Sports titles actually sold?? Quite underwhelming, IMO.

KingME2475d ago

And what unbundled Move launch title has sold more than 142,000 to date let alone in 2 days?

Kungfu Rider, Start the Party, and the Shoot, only have 115,000 units sold between the three of them in 7 weeks.

And you're trying to downplay Kinect Sports 2 day numbers? Are you serious?

Why is it so damn hard for you fanboys to give props when due.

JokesOnYou2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

by comparison in America ALONE wii sold 600k in 8 days,

In BOTH America and Europe combined vgchartz reported move sold 140k the first 5 days

In America ALONE vgchartz is reporting kinect sold 475k in 2 days. Another interesting note is that kinect has an initial higher buy in price at $150, vs move at $99 starter bundle which when you figure at least a significant % of that 140k move sales are at the very least due to many move early adopters purchasing a 2nd controller then kinect #'s by comparison are that much more impressive. Yep micro has to be very excited with the enthusiam consumers have shown for kinect.

Game-ur2475d ago

Actually the real joke is on you, all your VGChartz info is proven to be fiction.

Bigpappy2475d ago

I think the sales are much higher than VGC is reporting.

Imperator2475d ago

You guys do realize NA is the 360's strongest place (where it leads the PS3 by over 10 million units) and this is VGchartz (which is known for overestimating 360 numbers). I'm more interested in seeing the official WW numbers.

avengers19782475d ago

So do we believe, or not believe these numbers from VGcharts this week.

snp2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Good lord, not this mob AGAIN.

How many times do they have to be disproved before trolls stop propping them up for their own convenience?

"You agree with them when they are in your platforms favor and disagree up the wazoo when they arent."

Rubbish. Overwhelmingly people universally discard them and have for a long long time. The only people who overwhelmingly don't are one-eyed, generally trolling (as in they know as well as everyone else the site is fraudulent) MS fans who claim 'hypocrisy' as a sneak to get VGChartz through because their numbers suit their agenda.

specialguest2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Sales only matters to either MS or Sony. Even if Kinect sold more than Move, what really matters most is which company is more profitable when you take in consideration of the cost of marketing and advertising. Kinect's marketing budget was reported to be $500 million, and it looks like they've spent considerably more on marketing than Sony did for Move.

Ilikegames762475d ago

are not playing the sales game, must be an exclusive 360 game. Good luck having fun with that.

ShinMaster2475d ago

How come their numbers are always different than the official numbers?

Anyways... I guess if you REALLY care about Kinect then YAY Kinect! haha

Death24942474d ago

but VGChartz where caught using Micheal Pacter's prediction numbers as actual sales numbers for the ps3's move. So now you're telling me that all of a sudden we're suppose to believe them about Kinect sales. Let's just wait for NPD to show the numbers okay before we start bashing Kinect or Move. Even if that is so, Microsoft has "allegedly" 20million plus consoles in the N.America. Let give them another week and see because people don't all get paid on the same week.

OT: Microsoft needs to hope that Google doesn't port GoogleTv to ps3 spring 2011. Because it's looking like America's version of PlaYTV.

"use a converter to convert the MultiAV to HDMI since multiAV also handles audio and video. You then have an HDMI in and a HDMI out. Download GoogleTV app from PSN."

that's the rumor floating around anyway but sounds like a strong possibility.

Syronicus2474d ago

Ok, just tell kenwhen they go back on the "not so trusted list".

barom2474d ago

It's impressive but I'm sure everyone expected Kinect sales to have a initial big splash, the question is if it can hold the momentum. Kinect looks more appealing at first glance but we'll see how the novelty of not having a controller will be in the long run. I honestly don't see that great of software coming out for it but maybe I'm just not creative enough. Who knows?

In any case, I wouldn't count PS Move out yet. Even Sony expected it to be a slow burn. The fact that Move sold so slow in the beginning and now has a very respectable amount of units "shipped" shows that the word of mouth of Move is fairly strong. I'll only imagine the numbers when that killer app comes around, already very excited for Sorcery and expect more games like that in the future.

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Zir02475d ago

If I were you guys I would back these numbers because when MS releases their's they will be shipped numbers which will be higher than sold like VGChartz, just a friendly warning.

ct032475d ago

When Microsoft releases official numbers, everybody on here will call them *fake* (in blind fanboyism disregarding that Microsoft is publicly traded on the Nasdaq).

Basically, these dudes only believe what they want to believe. And frankly, who cares what they believe?

ravinash2475d ago

What I would like to know is has it caused more sales of 360s.
That is the real indicator of how much this is breaking into the new market.
Otherwise is just 360 owners getting another add-on.

Bigpappy2475d ago

I am much more interested in how many Kinect bundle were sold. Like I said with the Move, same goes for Kinect: If it doesn't sell consoles to new users, what the point of making it?

Pennywise2475d ago

OMG am I late for the kinect circle jerk?

Wakka_2475d ago

There's still time to weep.

k-Lan2475d ago

Pennywise. Why are you such a loser? Seriously.

sak5002475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

because he's pound foolish. He bought more expensive console and has to justify 3 exclusives games a year and tons of less quality multiplats by constantly bashing the console which has brought sony down on it's knees this gen.

XabiTheHumble2475d ago

"3 exclusives games a year" thats two more than Microsoft's sorry ass line up next year LMAO!!!