Report: Kinect set to dominate in terms of sales on Black Friday

Gamingbolt: A recent survey conducted by the website suggests that Kinect might be the flagship product for the upcoming Black Friday (November 26) in US.

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gameseveryday2931d ago

MOve anyone? Predictions dont matter. what matters is what goes out on a day. These survey guys can do whatever they want.

n4gno2931d ago

You are right, but sheeps watch tv, buy, and only after, think (not all of them can do it).

Ginbe2931d ago

Infinite Wii fanbase say hi.

N4WAH2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Kinectimels is HARD, HARD, HARDCORE MAN!
Don't make me sic my Leopard Victim of Hypocrisy on you!

Oh come back Victim. Shaka didn't mean it. He was only joking. Oh don't be like that Victim. Come on sweety, daddy will play jump rope with you.

See what you did Shaka?
I hope your happy with yourself.
Poor Victim's heart is broken!

Now what am I going to do with my Kinect if Victim wont play with me and I'm too sad to dance.
Thanks Shaka. You just ruined my day.

Oh Victim, how bout daddy reads you a story to cheer you up? *grabs sales and reviews written by tabloid journalist volume 1,000,000,000,702 ver3.*

Once upon a time there was a hobby called gaming where everyone just loved to play their favor games. Oh times were so grand. Then all of a sudden this wonderful place was about to be over come with dreary dark times where all that mattered were sales and reviews.

*Victim starts to shiver*
Victim don't be scared. Daddy wont let the big bad tabloid journalist harm you. Just put on these ear muffs and special glasses to ignore the morons that care more about numbers then gaming.

Rush2931d ago

O god here we go again, everyone that buys kinect = sheep and everyone that buys move = awesomely hardcore.

Man you do know that sort of comment makes you a massive sheep yourself. Your spouting every known line out of the SDF handbook.

Tell me again one "released" game on move which is actually hardcore and doesn't totally suck.

killer_tornado2931d ago

I seriously dont see why would anyone want hardcore games with kinect, dont people already have a controleer for all those complex games.. Its a new platform for different games.. I am hoping MS does different kinds of games than we already have.. NO cod and sports type games

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Nariko-20112931d ago

Kinect has sold 475 k STAND ALONE units in 2 days, what about the bundled packages? How many kinects were bought with xbox 360 consoles as I'd expect most casuals that buy kinect will be 1st time buyers

tinybigman2931d ago

I have better things to spend my$ 150 on

Dark Collosis2931d ago

Have all three systems, and to be totally honest I have zero interest in move atm. Kinect on the other hand will be under the christmas tree...

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cyborg2931d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will release that day and beat the shit out of everything else but hey, that's just me!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2931d ago

Everyone knows it. Even MS are bracing themselves for that &@#! storm.

As far as Move goes, we all know it'll lose to Kinect in the U.S. WW sales will be Move's victory.

Ju2931d ago

As far as Move goes. Overstocked Nav controllers but no separate Move's no more. Sony, fix this. Need some for my kids. Can't just buy bundles. Thx.


It's very obvious, besides is software and is Gran Turismo.

An expensive add on, selling more than a very anticipated software product which only cost $60 like GT5 is not very likely.

Weaksauce11382931d ago

More people will play farmville. Your point?

jarrod19812930d ago

apparently farmville is better than gt5 according to him.

dtrain212931d ago

What happened to MOVE...oh thats right.... Nothin Happened

Homicide2931d ago

LOL! Move. Sony really missed the boat with its advertising, and they're late to the party. The move userbase isn't strong, and there doesn't seem to be much interest from devs. Move is going to be an afterthought, just like the sixaxis.

N4Great2931d ago

'lollololo teh move is doomed' brian, 14, texas.

poor donkeys liars living in a dreamworld, the move base is already millions, is more accurate and can play better games, stop spreading misinformation poor sad man.

better games, better graphics, and now better sells, you failed again dumb xgirls.

Blaze9292931d ago

wow, almost completely forgot about the sixaxis lol

Ju2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Yeah, like the ones put rumble back into a controller, the others removed the controller all together. Fixed. But I am sure MS will come out with a Kinect Rumble Add On for an, say, additional $50 surcharge. What's that. Just 50c a month? (or something, well, doesn't matter, does it)

blahblah2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

now that kinect is hacked and works under linux (just in 3 hours after release) i'm buying it too. but don't own or plan on owning any other ms product. it is simply way too cheap 3d camera for geek to pass by.

kinect is interesting for everything else but games, mainly applications for me. i do own and play with 2xmove+sub which is awesome.

now... someone should make linux drivers for move too.

Ju2931d ago

2xmove+sub. Got three hands, then, huh? LOL

blahblah2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

... ??? ... ??? ... either you're really uninformed or just plain dumb troll... you decide

2xmove+sub means full move experience. move games can demand different setup for optimal experience.

here are just 3 game examples (i also own heavy rain and tumble)

RE5 = move+sub (no need for second move and you can replace sub with sixaxis if you haven't bought it). but i can also play coop with a friend (me using move+sub and he using move+sixaxis)

Sports championship = 2xmove (no need for sub as not one part uses sub or sixaxis, you can play all 5 disciplines with one move only, but archery and sword fight are waaaaay better with 2), while playing 1v1 is harder as id don't own 4 moves for archery and sword fight to get awesome 1v1. it also has network connectivity so i can still play 1v1 against my friends

The shoot = only need one move and no sub or sixaxis, if you have second you can play coop

cost of my setup was still smaller than cost for kinect. i payed 119eur, add to that RE5 for 29eur and it is still 2eur cheaper than kinect which is exactly 150eur here

there are 2 games for move i'm really waiting for (beside MAG which i just purchased)... gt5 (not racing enough to buy wheel and don't have the place where i could set it up) and SOCOM4 which is my most waited game currently

killer_tornado2931d ago

Even a sony fanboy is buying 1

+1 to kinect

Ju2930d ago

Sorry, just had to. I got 1 nav and 2 moves. But never played with all of them at once :) ha ha. (no sense of humor, huh?)

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