Heavy Rain prototype motion controller revealed

Ian Fisher writes: Aside from changing the interface to the one seen in the final product, Quantic Dream also tinkered with a game specific game pad for Heavy Rain. Not much is said of this game pad, which would’ve clipped onto the DualShock 3 and include three sensors to be tracked by the PlayStation Eye, but I’m happy that it was dropped once Sony went forward with the PlayStation Move.

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R2D22719d ago

Heavy Rain is not a boxing game.

Gambit072719d ago

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rekof2719d ago

omg rofl!!! lolololollo ,.. best post of the day,..!!

+bub bro (if I can even give u one)

TwistedMetal2719d ago

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Masterchef20072719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

they always had motion controls in mind thats cool