Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - GC 07 Gameplay Video

It is from a German website, but it is still narrated in English. It shows some new gameplay scenes shown at the Games Convention 2007.

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notpill4070d ago

Not so new. Take a look, Gametrailers is full of this live demo videos in both hd and lr version.

ShiftyLookingCow4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

yeah I certainly noticed that, but in some areas it looked like he took a different direction and explained the system that changes unsafe areas to red a little better.

as for the game, people were saying there were a ton of WW2 shooters and they were sick of it, but the last time I remember playing something of good quality was COD2 in 2005 so heres hoping this is an AAA WW2 shooter

QuackPot4070d ago


Brothers in Arms: Modern Combat.

Those explosions rock.

MrSwede4070d ago

Will this game get cross-platform gaming? Does anyone know?

Salvadore4070d ago

Nothing has been announced yet, but its unlikely to happen.

MrSwede4070d ago

My brother just bought a [email protected] PC and we´re just waiting for some good cross-platform games! I googled "Brothers in arms cross-platform" and this came up:

Maybe someone killed that rumor already...

Bolts4070d ago

What people don't know is the GRAW series is ripoff from Brothers in Arms. Unfortunately it looks like GRAW 2 is a lot better.

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