Go Gaming Giant: Kinect With Star Wars Christmas 2011

Remember E3 2010 when they revealed a Star Wars title was being produced for the Kinect peripheral? Remember how excited you became when all the promises of feeling like Jedi in Star Wars games over the years would finally come true? Remember when they played the gameplay video, and you realized you’d have to wait for another game to make that dream come true? Whether you are excited or not for the Star Wars game being made for Kinect, it has finally been announced Star Wars Kinect will be released Christmas 2011.

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omicron0092932d ago

if it ends up being anything like Force Unleashed, its going to be a let down.

Murgatroyd72932d ago

I really hope they take the extra time to make this into something other than an on-rails shooter.

RaymondM2930d ago

I'm actually going to get a Kinect just for the sake of this game, I guarantee it