Free Call of Duty: Black Ops Strategy Guide Gives Gamers An Edge

Need help unlocking some of those harder achievements? Want weapon stats to help aide you in selection of a weapon? Players can find tons of information for several different areas within the game.

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DTMBSquid2955d ago

Bookmarked.... love the weapons charts

xxxAnubisxxx2955d ago

Yeah, map overviews and weapon stuff is top notch

DTMBSquid2955d ago

The fact that this thing is free just save me money on the paper guide... NICE!!!

Sam Fisher2955d ago

if you go to gamefaqs, theres always guides for baically every game there is known to man right? and free...

xxxAnubisxxx2955d ago

@Sam Fisher - Not really. Gamefaqs is limited to basic paper guide stuff. These guides have actual information you can use.

yarbie10002955d ago

Tons of great info for noobs and veterans

JLesinski2955d ago

Great info. Really helps me out with those tough missions. Good info on the weapons/maps too. Awesome stuff

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