Do we need to rethink new IP?

It’s been a great year for new games franchises. In fact, last month was one of the most promising with the release of both Enslaved and Vanquish. But both failed to set the chart on fire – Enslaved flashed into the top 10 for one week, Vanquish didn’t even make it that high.

Both Sega and Namco have since commented that although they have faith in the quality of the IPs, sales have been challenging. It must be doubly galling when, in an MCV report just three weeks ago, both had prided themselves on grass-roots campaigns to build pre-release awareness.

And it’s been a watershed year for arguably under-performing new IP such as Bayonetta, Alan Wake, Blur, Singularity, Heavy Rain and Split/Second.

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NYC_Gamer2959d ago

some titles appeal to wider audience while others dont...

NecrumSlavery2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Bayonetta-Ported horribly to the PS3, which out sold the 360 anyway. Outdated engine as well.

Enslaved-Well who's NT going to blame now? This is targeted to the PS3 crowd, yet Ninja went out of their way to piss them off. I just rented it. Halfway through, it's ok. Nothing like Uncharted.

Alan Wake-Wrong demographic. Sorry for sounding fanboyish, but this should of been on PC and PS3.

Singularity-Bioshock Clone, and sad really, because I thought Singularity was decent. It was a lot of potentional gone untapped and there were many little issues as well. Quantum Theory failed too. Clones don't usually succeed.

Heavy Rain- Yeah, this sold well. This is a great game too.

We have plenty of new IPs that have done well. But If you keep buying COD over Alan Wake or Heavy Rain, you are just holding the creativity back and the industry as a whole.

Nineball21122959d ago

Well said, Necrum. I agree with everything you said pretty much.

"But If you keep buying COD over Alan Wake or Heavy Rain, you are just holding the creativity back and the industry as a whole." QFT

MorganX2958d ago

It's all just opinion, personal preference and fanboyism as it relates to NT.

Really, in today's market, if you don't have the backing of a publisher willing to spend millions on marketing, it's going to be tough.

This was not the time to release new IPs or reboots. Even Castlevania hasn't done all that great.

You've got Halo: Reach, then Kinect, followed up by Call of Duty, then you have Christmas Kinect sales with an ongoing 500m marketing campaign, then you have GT5 on PS3. Once all that dies down, you're going to be looking at Gears at some point, and new IPs in the FPS genre, Bulletstorm and Brink, and the second wave of Kinect Games.

Best hope for NT, become an MS owned studio. They tried Sony, now try MS. I that fails, throw in the towel.

Azianphil882958d ago

Heavy Rain did not under perform for a new IP
as for Metacritic for Heavy Rain 87
thats better than AW, Vanquish,(great game)and Enslaved and a message towards the developer, Ninja Theory after your done with the new Devil May Cry, fail or success. They need to reconcile with Sony make amend and start developing the most anticipating hack and slash game since GOW III, HEAVENLY SWORD 2