Microsoft: Halo Combat Evolved remake "a good idea"

GamerZines writes:

Having been queried about the plausibility of a remake of Xbox classic Halo: Combat Evolved, Microsoft's Xbox & Entertainment Director Stephen McGill has commented that he believes "it's a good idea."

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ThisPlaceSucksBye2869d ago

I'd be all over this.
It's still the best Halo game.

-Alpha2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Yeah, CE was my favorite too. But I have it on PC and don't care for a remake much. I've moved on with other games anyway, Halo will always be remembered as my first real FPS MP game.

The CE community is still active so I don't see why I would buy a remake, but this would be great for Xbox players. CE's simplicity IMO was what made it so damn awesome.

Active Reload2869d ago

I'm not much of a Halo fan, I think the series is great and all, but I'm not a fanatic about it. I think one of the reasons was because I wasn't there in the beginning. If they HD this one up I'm sure I would play through it and get a better sense of what there is to appreciate about Halo minus the online.

ico922869d ago

it's definitely a series worth checking out, im really not a big fan but i can appreciate it for what it is, believe it or not even to this day there aren't to many fps that do what Halo does

Large open levels, balanced weapons, variety of enemies, deep story, as well as the deepest on-line on the market.

Akagi2869d ago

My first real MP game was Quake 1. Regardless, I agree. I have this on PC.

Convas2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Count me in too! I'd bite. Hard.

King-Leonidas2869d ago

maybe if they add online multiplayer support

princejb1342869d ago

yes good idea microsoft
now make it happen

Perjoss2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

this is N4G and we are talking about a Microsoft game.

lzim2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

or people just don't care to have an HD remake just to make quick money that will only be wasted on crap later on.

Not supporting it preventing a shit slid later on.

IF instead they planned on rebuilding it to compete with Activision and EA shooters, and make it even more awesome (better controls, more weapons and vehicles etc), AND to have it on PC (with something like Forge) from the word go instead of 3 years later, great.

Theonik2868d ago

Most disagrees are on posts saying that 1 was the best Halo so i'd say it's because people don't agree to that.

Blaze9292868d ago

I'd buy this in a heart beat.

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R2D22869d ago

this remake of one of the best video games to grace a console.

mzm1192869d ago

Disagree.. there isn't enough time between the original Halo and where we are now. I would buy it for the next generation XBox, but not 360.

Kleptic2869d ago

I don't know if its the time frame not being Sony is doing this with numerous PS2 titles that released after CE...and they have been selling well...

I think it would need more than just Halo CE...maybe HD Halo 1 and 2 or something in a pack for like $30...downloadable or on 2 discs wouldn't really matter...

But I think the biggest issue is simply where Halo is now...People are playing the hell out of Reach...and Halo 3 and ODST are still very popular on its not like the franchise needs a throwback to get popular again...God of War DID need this, as many people missed the PS2 titles...and not many people where playing them at all the remake made sense to get the franchise relevant right before the release of god of war III...Same thing applies to Ico and Sotc remake coming before the Last Guardian...

I guess what I am saying is that i agree its not the right time yet...but not necessarily because of CE being too 'young' is 10 years old almost...

Matthew942869d ago

but ps2 games get remakes?

Blaine2869d ago

But the gap between PS2 and PS3 is much more significant than the gap between the original Xbox and the 360.

I'm sure the original Xbox could have handled really impressive games if MS hadn't aborted it so early to make way for the 360.

Theonik2868d ago

I wouldn't really call those remakes. There's a difference between a full remake and a remastering. And yeah i agree that the Xbox Vs 360 gap isn't that massive on some games. Halo 3 was basically halo 2 in HD (well sub-HD)Looking at Halo 1 today though it's one of those excellent tittles that a facelift would be more than welcome. (doesn't hold up so well as Halo 2, SC: CT or Panzer Dragoon: Orta)

Blaine2868d ago

Let's not even argue whether the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 or vice-versa--for argument's sake, lets say they're even.

Does ANYONE in here disagree that the original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2? You'd be a major fucking moron to think the PS2 was more powerful.

Then, BY DEFAULT, the gap between the original Xbox and the 360 is less significant than the one between the PS2 and PS3.

Fuck disagreers are retarded sometimes.

lzim2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

not to mention that it would cut into the Reach community which should be the last hoorah for Halo on Xbox. Why make another one and corrupt the franchise?

Also, new engine or continue to use Halo 2-3/Reach engine?

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Arnagrim2869d ago

A friend and I started playing CE after beating Reach and it's still a very good game. Though, if they remake it I hope they make use of the new hardware and make areas more populated, compared to Reach the levels (especially the first level) felt pretty barren.

Kleptic2869d ago

its weird you mentioned that...I just recently found an old copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstien for PC...and started playing the single player again just for something to do...

and its RIDICULOUS how few enemies there are...the game released right around Halo CE...And the environments are even bigger than CE's in a lot of levels...and you are never up against more than 3 or 4 enemies at once haha...its just a bunch of running...There is a level where you have to invade this airport hanger and destroy some sort of rocket...the entire airport has 4 guards hiding outside...

its funny going back to games like that...because I never at the time noticed it...shooters now are simply crazy compared to last generation...

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