6 Stunning Locations that We Want to See in Assassin’s Creed 3

GB: "Assassin’s Creed is a great franchise- that is, of course, an understatement. What makes the series so great, though, is that fact that it recreates all its locations perfectly, exactly as they would have been in the medieval ages, building an atmosphere that no other game has ever featured before. Jerusalem, Damascus, Acre in Assassin’s Creed and Tuscany, Forli, Venice and Rome in Assassin’s Creed II brilliantly recreated the cities as they would have been during the period the games are set in."

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Hellsvacancy2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Id like 2 see AC3 here "try hiding from me now you sissy speakin, kangaroo hoping girl"

Y cant they do a Tenchu stlye Assassins Creed game? Japan 1800s, that would b SICK!

gameseveryday2958d ago

lol that would be stunning come to think of it. Imagine the chase sequence..Ezio running in sand and getting his targets trapped in sands trap! Agreed hiding might be tough but surely that will atleast make one hell of a place to assassinate people

Quagmire2958d ago

Egypt. Pyramids. Nuff Said.

gillri2958d ago

no way, japan is wayy too obvious for a setting and its been done to death the whole ninja thing

I want Victorian London, for some reason its never been done in a videogame before even though it was so important to the developed world

release it at the same time as the new Sherlock Homes movie and hey presto a hit!!

Shubhankar2958d ago

Lol, that would be really interesting. :P

Though I DO like some of the ideas in the list, especially Greece and India, and to an extent Egypt. Even China seems interesting. I have no idea how an AC game can be pulled off in space, though. :s

lastdual2958d ago

I second this, and have been hoping for that setting for a while.

And Desmond's latest ancestor should have an era-fitting hooded trench coat! (over-stylized as always, of course ^_^)

Bojeeva2958d ago

Victorian London - now that sounds like a good setting. Great, recognizable locations etc... Or what about England around Great Fire of London time 1666?!?!

gameseveryday2958d ago

There was news reported sometime ago that AC3 will be set in London, But I am not sure that will happen though since I dont think there was any templar history in London. However is anyone knows, please do correct me.

Dorwrath2958d ago

Yeah there is, built their temple in Fleet Street in 1161 among other things.

halocursed2958d ago

After finishing the second game, I imagined Desmond searching for artifacts in modern-day America, all the while having flashbacks to an ancestor that lived in, say, Revolutionary War era Philadelphia or Boston. I could see it take a "National Treasure" bend to it, but with more killing and fewer receding hairlines.

Simco8762958d ago

Greece or London

Then... Vegas

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