Microsoft planning ESPN-branded Xbox 360?

Well, well, what's this? Engadget were just sent this obvious mockup of an ESPN Xbox 360, which the tipster found just hanging out on a Microsoft PR server. Now, this could just be a branding exercise or the remnants of a failed idea, but now that ESPN 3 is live on the Xbox 360 Fall 2010 Dashboard Update, it makes sense for the two companies to explore a branded console -- Engadget knows a lot of college students (and Engadget editors) who'd love to ditch their cable and still get ESPN through their 360s. Engadget will see what comes to pass -- and if Microsoft wisens up and tones down that red.

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darkcharizard2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Time for an NBC-branded PS3!

Ayreesfoxx2930d ago

It would be a hit-or-miss for them to do the console. They would have to have one hell of a fancy incentive included with the paint-job. Most college students that WOULD buy it, already have their Xbox, and when cable companies control if they have ESPN 3... dumb risk.

MorganX2930d ago

ESPN on Xbox is great, but until you get Monday Night Football or any live NFL games, an ESPN branded Xbox is not worth the effort.