200 videogame characters remade as Megaman sprites

Gamersmint: 200 videogame characters all recreated as Megaman sprites. It’s a fantastic effort and we at GM are pleased with this work and want to share it with everyone.

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psb2932d ago

this takes me back to my childhood days. Amazing stuff


jeseth2932d ago

Anyone know where to get this picture at a high resolution to be used as a wallpaper . . . .

cyborg2932d ago

itself. Please read it. :)

kesvalk2932d ago

already working on that samus sprite as my avatar...

this is EPIC!

gameseveryday2932d ago

damn! where is solid snake?

cyborg2932d ago

between Sly Cooper and Sackboy :D

DevilsOwn2932d ago

Astonishing piece of work.

2932d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.