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Call of Duty Black Ops: A Disappointment?

We have been reporting on all kinds of Call of Duty Black Ops related news over the past few days, but we are definitely surprised to see just how many of you have expressed your disappointment with the game. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

TheOldOne  +   1721d ago
its better than MW2 in everyway imo. apart from the graphics that is.
Mmmkay  +   1720d ago
It the game would launch I could comment as well.... Fuck Treyarch!
InfectedDK  +   1720d ago
Simple answer:
No, it's a great game.
KillerBBs  +   1720d ago
I play multi player ONLY
and it LAG so bad. It felt like Gears of War.
Is Treyard making the worst connection host just like Gears does? (if so: I got the lag switch ready!)
Nothing looks right... but it was sweet being host once then my bro sent me an invite and the dream turn back into a laggy monster. I kick down good money to have a good connection why is there so much lag?
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1720d ago
People always say...
..."graphics are not everything!!!" and this may be true but on November 9th, in the year of our Lord 20 fucking 10, 720p should be a MINIMUM STANDARD. Going sub HD when you have made gazillions of dollars and have the ability to throw millions at a game is unacceptable.

Games like Demon's Souls, sure, low budget, great gameplay so it's understandable. Bu a COD game? Give me a break!

We get raped on map packs and re-hashed level design for 6 years and they cannot come out with a "great looking game"? That is horseshit. Total horseshit.

EDIT: I was not venting at OP. Just venting.
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Leon_Blu  +   1720d ago
Its because of the Xbox 360
This is a space issue, and xbox 360 is to blame. Its been like this for years now.

Give us ps3 only games, and make use of the cell technology and blu-ray.
Shaman  +   1720d ago
Yes but than again COD are 60 fps.That means twice less time to render each frame than "regular" games.Only racers can be 60fps at 720p,games like COD noup.
iamgoatman  +   1720d ago

You've got to be kidding, right? So the 360 storage medium is to blame for the PS3 version having the lowest resolution of either console version? Great logic there!

What next, the PC version if holding the PS3 back? Give it a rest man. A platforms storage medium barely, if at all effects graphics quality, out side of compression of pre-rendered cutscenes and audio. You can stick as many high res textures as you want on a disc, but it still has to be processed by the GPU, and the GPUs in both consoles are very weak by modern standards.

Lol @ Disagrees. I give it a month at max before the level of stupidity flowing through this sites drops to a point where people start mashing their keyboards with their palms then posting the results.
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TripleAAARating  +   1720d ago
"November 9th, in the year of our Lord 20 fucking 10"...... LOL..... so true, COD defines the Big Blockbuster games phrase, yet I can't tell if the game is made for the original XBOX or for this generation at times.... Utter disgrace, it's like developers these days just hope for the Brand name to sell and take the shortcuts in developing the fucking game to cut costs and make 1000% in profits..... This is why I will always respect Sony and their first party. They always look to push the boundaries, Improving on their next project in every way possible, outdoing themselves, not just sitting back on what they have already established without moving forward.... this type of mentality helps the industry alot.....Trust me if (god forbid) Sony ever leaves the industry we are in some deep shit....
Shaman  +   1720d ago
Why the fuck did Jimmy Riddle get disagrees for saying totally right thing,honest and unbiased,common sense stuff and Leon Blu got agrees because he is blaming 360 for ps3 version being worse.And all that,not because of gpu,not because of cpu,not even because of memory.Its because stupid disk space.WHAT does disk space have to do with resolution please answer me!Stupid N4G,this site should really be renamed N4PS3 cus this is how it looks like...man you guys act like little butthurth girls...
TripleAAARating  +   1720d ago
He did also say Cell Technology, which is why maybe the disagrees, your reply did not cover the whole context of his post.... and also why is it that COD4 and WAW were identical on both platforms?... There is no excuse for Treyarch
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PoSTedUP  +   1720d ago
@ beonewiththegun
i didnt realize this untill i read your comment (sub HD), i was too bust playing and enjoying the game lol. and now that i know this, i still do not care because the game looks good and is fun as hell with everything the fans asked for.

and as far as map packs go... i bought a $60 games and it was complete upon purchase with mwf2, if they wanna charge extra for mappacks that is their choice and your choice to buy them, just remember you are getting a full single player experience and a huge multiplayer experiance right from the start.
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KyRo  +   1720d ago
100% agree, Treyarch's game is much better. People are hoping IW can make something as good as MW1 again but all they care for now is money. That was proven with the lack of support and the laziness of pasting old maps for map packs and not fixing over powered perks, glitches and expliots.
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James Vanderbeek  +   1720d ago
graphics took a step back in this one. but i like the gameplay better. one thing they need to do is fix the sniping though when it comes to close up shots. not quick scoping because aiming down a scoop and shooting it like its a pistol was dumb in modern warfare 2. but i shot a guy twice when he was walking up the steps. my cross hairs where dead in the center of him and i aimed down the scoop and shot quickly and missed him both times. no way possible should i have missed him. his whole body filled the crosshairs of my sniper rifle. i know they dont want quick scooping in the game but they need to fix that. dont make sniping someone close completley impossible. cod4 was perfect with sniping.
TheLastGuardian  +   1720d ago
I swear, people are WAY too picky these days. They complain about the most petty things. Black Ops is a blast.
KingZFlipper  +   1720d ago
I totally Agree!
Although the graphics isn't the strongest link in Black Ops, I think this game is very nice. SP is quite great and multiplayer is also great. And I've played MW2 and I think it's horrible
KillerBBs  +   1720d ago
this game has problems
Less graphics = smoother game play or that's what I was hoping for. I loved MW2 when it first came out but learn to hate it after awhile... But Black Ops... not enjoying multiplayer at all. It's kinda comical to watch how far off the aiming is on the finial kill cam. Shot two feet away from hitting barn door, totaly missing but end up with the cross hair and the kill. WTF. Is this lag or more auto aim BS.
RonRico  +   1720d ago
That killcam thing happened a lot in MW2
Ace Killa 08  +   1720d ago
It's a new feel and I like it, and I put a good 21 days of gameplay for mw2. Black ops is a good game, with some connection problems and glitches (had only 1 match where kids glitched into the floor) but nothing of a deal break for me. A patch will come and it should be fixed wit it. I'm enjoying the game with friends so this game did its job of entertainment.
scar20  +   1720d ago
Just report them for glitching.
Undeadwolfy  +   1720d ago
Pardon my asking, but do you know how I can report someone for abusing the game on the PS3? Thanks
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8-bit  +   1720d ago
Multiplats are your only option so what else would you say? I will wait for Killzone 3
BubbleSystemSuck  +   1720d ago
neonlight45  +   1720d ago
Yeah, I like the game. The players who have skills actually come out on top unlike mw2.
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1720d ago
You mean
like throwing a tomahawk across the map and having it ricochet 2 times then hitting someone's leg and killing them? That kind of skill?
BlueEye  +   1720d ago
Thats called "Luck" young grasshopper
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itsralf  +   1720d ago
Tomahawks are a little over-powered. I agree. I don't see many people using it, though. But most people still haven't unlocked it.
-Alpha  +   1720d ago

Wow, that was pure luck, no need to troll the game mechanic
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neonlight45  +   1720d ago
talking about no danger close and one man army
itsralf  +   1720d ago
I feel like Black Ops is more skill-based, unlike MW2 which was filled with campers and noob-tubers. The maps are a lot bigger and there are less places to camp and more areas to explore. The maps also don't feel so grid-like. There are different shaped buildings and unique designs. MW2 maps seemed really boxy. Like every room was shaped like a square. Maybe it's just my imagination, though. Overall, I'm really impressed with Black Ops. Treyarch nailed it.
BlueEye  +   1720d ago
Fix some lag issues and connection problems, perhaps up the graphics on the PS3 and PC and its perfect!
SKUD  +   1720d ago
Sales wise. No.
tatotiburon  +   1720d ago
a Disappointment for ps3 users for sure, good thing that we can enjoy the superior xbox 360 version, like always
scar20  +   1720d ago
Why would we want this game if we have socom4 and killzone3 coming out next year and resistance3.
Simco876  +   1720d ago
local multiplayer
Local multiplayer is a disappointment for sure.

Can't change match settings
Cant't play wager matches
Players have the same profile

Worthless locally
Der_Kommandant  +   1720d ago
Not a disappointment at all

But the formula is getting old
CobraKai  +   1720d ago
It seems like there is always gonna be a bunch of "disappointment" articles for EVERY high profile game this generation.

Next up "Gran Turismo 5: A disappointment?"
AllroundGamer  +   1720d ago
i would say yes, the MP is broken once again, lagging, the weapons are way to weak now, the spawnpoint system is even more horrible than in MW2 (spawnkills all the way), the maps are very small and if you want to have more kills than deaths, than you just have to camp, which is very sad :( if they won't fix these things, i will probably return to MW2.
James Vanderbeek  +   1720d ago
my biggest
downfall is the graphics.. lol. come on man!!!! they need to make a new engine before they release another cod game. with all that money they are making they need to push it to the limits. i wont buy anymore until they do. i like black ops but the game is being recycled too much now.

i am so happy i dont get knifed from 10 feet away though. such a good feeling to actually be able to kill someone with a gun in close range then being stabbed. haha.

black ops to me is a wanna be cod4. its trying to go back to the roots for the hardcore gamers who fell in love with cod. but it still falls short.
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sickbird  +   1720d ago
this game is alot of fun, anyone who says it sucks is just trying to be cool.
Sparticus_1  +   1720d ago
I would say the opposite...its the people who say this broken game is good..are trying to fit in with the rest of the sheeple and be cool
Rubberlegs  +   1720d ago
Not a disappointment, its just as fun as the MW games. MW2 was great at first but it was so unbalanced. They tweaked a lot in the multiplayer to balance it out better like how scavenger doesn't refill your grenade launcher.
On the 360 version I've had very little lag problems.

The sp campaign was fun and the graphics look near identical to MW2. I mean there isn't some night and day different between the two.
k-dillinger  +   1720d ago
i agree 100% i bought this trash and returned it 15 mins later no joke the grapics was bad it just didnt feel like a good successer for mw2 ill just stick to mw2 and medal of honor.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1720d ago
It's one for me
Considering i get random lag spikes every 6 seconds when I know DAMN WELL my pc can run a fucking CoD game.
Sparticus_1  +   1720d ago
After reading all this garbage on a broken game...I have to go take a crap.
extermin8or  +   1720d ago
Best COD ever I think, yes better even than COD4
James Vanderbeek  +   1720d ago
no way
ur crazy with this statement. you have ur opinion and all but this is outlandish. its like saying the buffalo bills will make the playoffs. lol.

cod4 was and still is the top cod game. cod4 is what made most of us even play these games online. it still holds the crowm. better maps. well balanced. addictive. you needed pure skill for this game.

i will say i think black ops is better than modern warfare 2. i say i think because i only played it the last two days.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1720d ago
The top CoD game is CoD2 by FAR.
NickX  +   1720d ago
This game is fucking awesome, 12 hours online and it's almost perfection. Balanced so much better than previous COD games. Maps are the best I'ev seen in any COD game.Haven't even played single player yet. This is my GOTY so far. So much fun
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NickX  +   1720d ago
lol at people saying they are going back to MW2. Noob tubes with danger close, quick scoping, commando with marathon. Predators landing on your head every 30 seconds. Akimbo shotguns and some of the worst maps seen in any COD game that is swarming with campers.. Most unbalanced online game I ever played.

And you want to go back to it, go see a doctor you have a mental illness.
James Vanderbeek  +   1720d ago
the 15 feet knife kills while u shoot someone in the body and face 5 times while they still run at u and kill u with a knife. i tried to do this in black ops just a few minutes ago with no luck.. lol.. bad habits
Dorwrath  +   1720d ago
I haven't bought a COD game since MW1. MW2 was a rental and I rented Black Ops. I only play the campaign and have only kept playing COD because I played them all so far.

Anyway campaign wise I feel it's better than MW2, but inferior to the first Modern Warfare.
Gamer_Z  +   1720d ago
just doesn't feel like Call of Duty anymore

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