MS expects 'immediate' Kinect sell out in the UK

Stephen McGill, boss of the Xbox business in the UK, has told CVG that the company expects an "immediate" Kinect sell out.

"Lots of the retailers out there [in the US] reported an immediate sell out and we're not expecting anything different here," he said at the motion cam's official UK launch last night.

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EasilyTheBest2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

...My girlfriend bought hers yesterday at 11.50pm at game.
Mine turned up today.
Theres alot of talk on this site about Kinect just not working properly, terrible LAG and lots of glitches oh and the games being rubbish.
Id say not to listen to any of it and go to a friends or a store and give Kinect a good try out yourself.
We played Kinect adventures for hours and had no issues whatsoever with lag, in fact the game has alot more to it than first impressions lead you to think.
Navagating the dashboard is flawless and the speech worked perfectly everytime with my voice or my girlfriends.

If you havent yet played Kinect, I know it sounds like Im making all this up, but it really is that good.
Coming on this site most days and reading some of Kinects negatives they really are blown out of all proportion.

Like I have said, give it a try you will be suprised.

I know theres ppl on here that will say they know some1 whos taking it back because it dont work its rubbish, and you will have some saying they have it and its rubbish.
They are either telling porkies or they havent set it up properly. There again, I cant really see how they can set it up wrong its so simple.
Any negatives?, yes you do need alot of room, more than I expected to be honest.

EasilyTheBest2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago ) are so wise, what a great reply comment.

But wait a moment, I see where those wise words come from, yes, yes you are right....

Kinect sucks, yes it does, it sucks for people like you, people who have never played it and ppl who wish it would go away.

Blacktric2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Let the demographic of Kinect decide that you flamebaiter troll.

Edit @below: You people are seriously pathetic. Even when Kudo appreciates Move and says they're chasing a different kind of demographic with Kinect, you are still trying to tie it to hardcore gaming and claiming it sucks. It's actually fun to watch how your kind tries to bend everything to sound it how they like. You should take another fake account like this one (which you did 6 days ago according to your profile page), it might come in handy later.

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Anarki2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I don't want to be the barer of bad news here but...
- Kinect ranked 21 in top "Games" sales

- Kinect ranked 60 in top "Games" sales

the 2 of the biggest online retailers.. ouch

P.S MOVE still ranked higher on top sales.

Active Reload2955d ago

Did you keep your receipt?

Mr_Bun2955d ago

I stopped reading your original comment after:
"We played Kinect adventures for hours"

gigaware2955d ago

He's not a PS3 fanboy trolling Kinect articles is he?

darthv722955d ago

If you carry a negative perspective towards something and then try it yourself. It either goes one of two ways. You either rethink your opinion on it after finding what it does right.


That negative view just becomes more amplified based on what it does wrong.

Not trying to change anybody's mind on the subject but there is a certain level of dislike towards MS and their presence in the console market. It is safe to assume that the dislike would be put upon their ventures such as kinect as well.

All I can say is there would be a whole lot more unread books in the world if people keep that way of thinking.

DelbertGrady2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Can't wait to try out Kinect on friday. A friend of mine is getting it. He's got Move too but neither of us were impressed with it. Sure, it's accurate, but in the end it plays just like the Wii except Wii has better games.

Active Reload2955d ago

Whoever disagreed with my first comment, look in the are a retarded turd, go flush yourself down the toilet.

TheOldOne2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I didnt mean to sound so harsh but that is my most honest opinion on the device. I tried Kinect months ago at Macys in New York when I was on holiday and I tried it again at my friends house when he got it and seriously I thought it sucked months ago and I still thinks it sucks today. Does that make me a fanboy/troll/butthurt jus cos I think it sucks? No. Thats just my opinion. I know a lot of 360 guys tht hate kinect think its a waste of time/money. I love 360, Halo, Gears, you know the usual 360 stuff but I just want MS to go back to the 360 that I knew, the 360 of 2007 when it had all the hardcore games.

You guys have fun with ur kinect adventures.

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Pennywise2955d ago

You guys have fun with that. I wont be trying it. Keep shoving it down our throats though. It is bound to annoy everyone eventually.

poopface12955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )


How is someone saying he enjoyd something, "shoving it down your throat."

Looks to me like you made a useless comment on something you havent used, simply because you are butthurt because someone enjoyed kinnect.

Killed4Less2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Yes, it works and works as promised. You can tell just by your agrees/disagrees that the people on this site are far from genuine, like this OldOne.

It works and the thing appears to be selling really well.

Pennywise, Masamu Do you work for Sony?? You shill them all day here and come into articles that have nothing to do with POS3 and that Wii rip-off.. Pennywise has the nerve to say "keep shoving it down are throats" when the guy is in a Kinect article and seeking them out! What kind of weird mental twisting goes on in a Sony fanboys head?

The only conclusion I can come to is Sony is paying you to do this and you hate your job.. lol

Sheddi2955d ago

I don't know mate. I tried kinect, the harry potter game and my the hell are u suppose to control ur character? I felt like I didn't have any control at ALL!
I guess who ever developed that game did a poor job since other games seem to work better.

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jizzyjones2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

If they expect 'immediate sellout' why don't they supply more stock?

gigaware2955d ago

That's what they are doing hence the retailers first reporting being sold out now they are reporting they got stock in lol.

shovelface882955d ago

They plan to do what nintendo did with the wii, keep stock low and demand high, creates more buzz leading to more overall sales.

hennessey862955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

got mine last night and its brilliant but your wasting your breath trying to convert the fangirls on this site. Me and my family are having lots of fun with it which is a nice break from the usual fps and driving games i usually play

DiRtY2955d ago

Got mine today and it really works. The tech behind it is amazing. If MS make a good job and get lots of people play with Natal, they might have a huge success in their hands.

Besides the sales-stuff: I can't wait for future Kinect titles. Rise of Nightmares I am waiting.

EasilyTheBest2955d ago

Glad to see your enjoying it. I have been coming on this site for a good while now and listening to some of the rubbish being said on here about Kinect is just stupid.

Take Mr. Buns comment above. if he doest think you can have fun playing Kinect Advenure for a few hours he obviously hasnt played it.

I was just wondering if you were suprised how responsive it is, like on the Kinect Dashboard, using your hand and voice etc.
Thats why I said I thought it was Magical if you like, hard to explain but its just different to the usual.

hennessey862955d ago

i am supprised because according to everyone on this site kinect was going to be a mess and it just isnt ive had no problems what so ever

digger182955d ago

Come to Gamestation in Northampton...Plenty of stock. I was in there today and their staff were at the front door doing the hard sell. They only sold 2 units since last night.

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