Gran Turismo 5: Insane Lighting Effects, Unseen Track, Night Race, Fireworks Footage (Retail)

A new video shows impressive lighting effects in Gran Turismo 5. The video also contains footage of GT5's Special Stage Route 7, a night race and fireworks.

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nix2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

man.. these leaks are KILLING ME!!!

poor guy.. he's playing alone... must be feeling lonely. q:

8-bit2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Why does the game play seem so slow? Does any one else notice this? Don't get me wrong, the game looks amazing. I am a huge PS3 fanboy btw

logikil2777d ago


He's driving a slower car in the exterior view. That always seems to make racing games appear slower. Also with GT being a very serious sim, it doesn't attempt to exaggerate that appearance. GT 5 Prologue is very similar in this respect.

As for the game, it still continues to come across as just gorgeous. I am a Forza fan because it introduced some concepts that make it easier for someone that isn't a gearhead to truly enjoy racing sims. GT5 has adopted some of these (namely the racing line) and its made it much more enjoyable as well. I can't wait to get the game. Also the smoke off the tires.....Fantastic!

INehalemEXI2777d ago

Looks like a stock honda hatch back civic...that prolly has something to do with it.

ProjectVulcan2777d ago

Wow. Bland track though lets face it. Shiny concrete wall and not a lot else. Why arent the leaks showing interesting tracks and cars :-(

nix2777d ago

'cause it doesn't come with Nitro.. and it's not NFS. q:

Cenobia2777d ago

I have noticed that in past GT games as well. I think it is mostly because of the lack of G-forces on the players end. The visual is probably very accurate, but without additional feedback it feels a lot slower.

GT also doesn't seem to enhance this with any type of motion blur or effects (because it is a sim).

This is also why it is harder to judge the capabilities of your car through corners, and why I hit walls and go offroad until I get used to playing.

The sense of speed gets better when you earn the faster cars.

thor2777d ago

No motion blur, rigidly fixed camera, lack of comparitive focal objects to give a sense of speed. It is NOT slow as the car is moving at the indicated speed within the game world. What you need to do in games is to give the effect of speed since you can't actually feel the acceleration. GT doesn't make much of an effort to do this - perhaps they feel adding motion blur will take away the simulation feel from their game. I personally think a slight blur filter would help realism even if that's not technically how it looks IRL.

hennessey862777d ago

is greatly improved great stuff cant wait to get it

raztad2777d ago

I dont understand this footage looks like an early PS2 game.

Kleptic2776d ago

yeah i'm glad the sound seems so improved...even GT5p had problems with that...the Ferrari F1 car was an absolute joke...

Hideo_Kojima2776d ago

The japanesse really like fireworks the size of huge bombs...

Which I find kinda ironic seeing as they are the only ones to have ever been killed in a nuclear bomb explosion.

SWORDF1SH2776d ago

To the people complaining about graphics.

It's a low res video. How can you judge the graphics on that.

CryofSilence2776d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you on the first part of your comment. However, I think I do recall something resembling a racing line in GT1 and 2 (PSOne games) when you were trying to get your licenses. I'll have to go back and check. So, I think it's not proper to credit Forza with pioneering that; it may not even be proper to credit GT for that.

Sarcasm2776d ago

lol I learned how to drive a 5 speed in that exact same car. Although I doubt it will hit 150mph like in that video. Heck, the wheels felt like they're going to fall off trying to hit 60mph lol

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PixlSheX2777d ago

OMG. Those fireworks in 3D would be BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait!

Raendom2777d ago

Bubbles for Shanks. Can't stand giving that .de site clicks.

Redempteur2777d ago

ARGH the tire smokes at the ENDDDDD!!!!!

triple awesome ...

FACTUAL evidence2777d ago

Tell me why I had a dream of me playing GT5 online owning, but I woke up, I thought it was real!! I was so mad when I woke up.

gtamike2776d ago

I wish the video leaks were in HD.
The fireworks and lights look great and that rain video wowed me.

King-Leonidas2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

it only does insane fireworks

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DoomeDx2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )


TheLastGuardian2777d ago

It's hard to believe that video is of GT5. It looks like GT3 or something.

Dee_912776d ago

its just that we already know how this game look
even tho the quality is horrible
we know it look incredible in person

TheROsingleB2777d ago

Looks nice, but its not what I "need" in my Ultimate Driving Simulation. Is this what is causing the delays? :P

visualb2776d ago

he said "delays" = plural form of delay

when, GT5 has only officially been delayed once worldwide (I doubt TheROsingleB is from Japan)

so, thats why they disagree with him, because he's WRONG.

there haven't been "delays", only A DELAY. ONE. SINGLE. get it right, and people will agree with the correct fact,

get it wrong, people disagree with an ERROR

makes sense to me.

Masterchef20072777d ago

not my favorite track but the lighting looks extremely good 2 bad the video quality is terrible

Simco8762777d ago

Maybe he didn't use HDMI cables.

Masterchef20072777d ago

It is probably the rez of the video

bunfighterii2777d ago

Can one of these people with a 'leaked' copy learn how to do direct feed please? GODDAMN!

though i must admit I have no clue how to do it... I'm sure there's a way...

Redempteur2777d ago

you need a video capture Card, a good internet connexion and the right program( goes often with the streaming website ( like justin tv )).