GT5 : release imminent ? Promo cars spotted in South Africa has spotted a new hint for an imminent GT5's release. In South Africa, it is a BMW Z4 and a Ford Focus decorated by specialists "Vehicle Wraps" who wear the colors of Gran Turismo 5. Vehicle Wraps indicates on its web site these paintings have been made for GT5 launch. has asked Vehicle Wraps if they have been given any release date but the info seems to remain secret.

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Sitris2926d ago

The second you announce it we can all rejoice, I want to put my G27 to good use god damnit.

sinncross2926d ago

I'm from South Africa and didn't even know these guys existed!

Granted I'm from Durban and these guys are situated only in Joburg... I wonder if they'll parade the car here though: I'll post some pics if I see them.

nix2926d ago

if you see that headline.. that would be me!!!


Perjoss2926d ago

dont understand, I've never seen this before, if GT5 really is so close to release where is the date?

I very much look forward to one day reading an interview of some PD guys & gals speaking out about the development of GT5, I'm sure there's tons of interesting stuff going on behind the scenes.

Nariko-20112926d ago

All these international companies care about is either Cape Town or Joburg.

2926d ago
Masterchef20072926d ago

It will come before the end of the year. But man not knowing when is killing me

2926d ago
Masta Kaos2926d ago

Jus spotted one.....South Africa wassup

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