New Race Driver: GRID in 2012, Dirt 3 coming in Q2 2011

New Grid game is coming in 2012, new Colin Mcrae Dirt is due in Q2 2011 also Operaton Flashpoint: Red River, the developer and publisher's CEO Rod Cousens has told Eurogamer.

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Pandamobile2960d ago

Damn it. I wanted a new GRID this year :(

dangert122960d ago

Grid was the racing games that got me into racing games but at this present time the only racing games i will play is GRID,Forza 3 and wipeout waiting for GT5 imo for how big the racing genre is theres not much quality

Johnny-GS2960d ago

we will go grey until this game comes out :) :P

Nihilism2960d ago


I was sure grid 2 would be out in 2011.

I'm not buying dirt 3....dirt 2 was garbage, it played like tony hawk, more focus on the broheim commentator B.S and OMFG ACHIEVEMENTS!!!! than there was on the racing. There was like 10 legit racing cars, the rest were shitty makeshift dunebuggy B.S...

Like Ford SUVs......yeah people totally race in those :S

ShinFuYux2959d ago

Uhgg! Shame, I really wanted to play that game.