Hey Everyone, Lets B*tch About Treyarch Fixing Call of Duty

ISM: Like most of you, I've been whoring Black Ops since it launched just two nights ago. Going into the launch of Black Ops I tried to avoid the hype, leaks, and anything concerning the game, other than: keeping my expectations low, hoping for a balanced multiplayer. I honestly haven't touched the campaign or zombies but I'm addicted to the competitive multiplayer.

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TeenGoten2932d ago

"...because not only did they have to worry about someone with a sniper eating marshmellows in a building with a heartbeat sensor, Cold Blooded, *gasps* claymores, tactical insertion, and two double-barrow shotguns, you occasionally had someone who managed to surf on top of their AC-130 the entire match."

That ^ is Modern Warfare 2 in a nutshell lol.

Mmmkay2932d ago

i wish the game worked. all i see is a black screen and then my ps3 freezes. at least i got it cheap...

FrankDrebin2932d ago

Why, the game is great. Having no problems at all. How about you stop writing stupid stories. We could b*tch about the fact you are a terrible writer and your web site sucks! How about that?

thecreeper2932d ago

Black ops is way more balanced. I love the fact that there is no more quick scoping that got very annoying.

mugoldeneagle032932d ago

Is how the M16 is at such a disadvantage against a fully automatic weapon whether it be a SMG or Assault rifle. It pretty much forces the user to stay put more and scope rather than move constantly, so I might as well be sniping. Then to get the kill just relies on being faster than your opponent. Even then you have to be accurate or your done.

I love the M16, and I want to keep using it but it's simply too slow :( I've since moved on to the FAMAS

frostypants2932d ago

The M16 makes up for it with its power rating.

It would be nice if you could switch to semi-auto though, as you could in real life.

Zezo2932d ago

Hey Everyone, Let's stop all these nonsense CoD threads!!!


LoaMcLoa2932d ago

Comment of the year...

And I can't believe this guy hasn't played the zombie-mode yet! C'mon, it's so freakin' addictive!

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The story is too old to be commented.