AMD confirms Radeon HD 6900-series GPU names

HEXUS: It seems a bit silly - at least to us - to be confirming the names of AMD's upcoming high-end GPUs, but until now the cards have only been officially referred to by their code-names.

Finally, though, the company matched up the names and the numbers as a part of its Analyst Day presentations. We now know with absolute certainty that the high-end single GPU cards - based on the Cayman Pro and XT GPUs - will come to life as the Radeon HD 6950 and HD 6970. So, no surprises there.

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NYC_Gamer2953d ago

i cant wait for some official specs/prices...

ssj2gohan832953d ago

Same here, I'm looking forward to replacing my MSI Hawks 5770.

moe842952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

6970 or 6990 has my eye atm. I plan to get a couple for a new build coming up.
So, yeah... effing release them already, AMD... doooo eeeeet nao!

But seriously, if anyone is surprised about these names, 6950 and 6970 then they probably haven't paid attention to ATI the past few years.