Black Ops: The Magic is in What They Don't Tell You

"Black Ops stands out in some of the most unexpected areas. Not only is it the only FPS to get this year, it’s perfection, like the perfect sponge cake with the ideal icing." - GameState

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PS3Blog2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I love COD, got my copy today so will have my review up ASAP. I will post link so we can compare :)

PS Cool shirt.
PPS Nice hair cut, but where's the Mo?

granthinds2955d ago

Thanks man! No Mo this side. I have the crappest facial hair! Let me see your review once it's up! :)

toaster2955d ago Show
THE TRUTH2955d ago

Me too its what MW2 should have been.

Dave13512955d ago

wow i dont know about that. this game is REALLY good but MW2 is good also

vrylstminute2955d ago

Looks like a bucket of fun. Strange how you say it's perfect but then kick it in the pants about certain things all the way through :D

BradyRuiters2955d ago

The game looks really good. Hope to get it soon. Great review Dr G :)

granthinds2955d ago

Look, it's perfect in many areas, but the joy comes from the SMALL things that they make up the value of the product in my opinion. The big things like the music were overlooked which is extremely disappointing.

vrylstminute2954d ago

...and the floating apple :)

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The story is too old to be commented.