The Playsation Phone IS the PSP2 (And That's Why It Will Succeed)

Despite vehement – if mixed – denials from Sony, it’s hard to believe the long-rumored, much sought-after Playstation Phone is anything but a reality.

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KratosGirI2955d ago



hikayu2954d ago

oh dear lord ! kratosgirl is nothing i expected to be

OT : what a misleading title . i thought sony confirmed it , not some editorial piece . but the success of the ps phone is very uncertain . if sony indeed deliever the phone as a fantastic all in one ( and that the battery hold longer than 30 min) , then it will succeed . people upgrade phone almost everyday , just because one person dont want to pay 2 bills mean nobody will buy it . iphone update every year ( and it comes with 2 year plan) , you dont see people whine about it.the fact that it has mobile network ,a real OS for everyday use , and a contract to lower the initial price should means that it's full of potential for the ps phone . the only downsize i see are : battery /hardware limitation ( you can only have 1 , not both ) and that kids cant buy this easily , which is a territory belong to nintendo .

jony_dols2954d ago

PSP has sold over 67 million units.
Yet some people seem to consider it a failure that doesn't
deserve a proper sequel.....

It must be the most successful 'flop' of all time.

Anyway the PSP has secured its own place in the handheld market and i'll expect a PSP2 announcement in the next few months.

AAACE52954d ago

Truthfully... The PSP was modded like crazy! To most, that was the biggest selling point! Look at the sales of the games if you need proof! Or more recently, the newest Kingdom Hearts game, which sold very low numbers.

Sony tried their best to combat the piracy with different revisions, but they all got hacked! Their best effort was the PSP Go, and you see how that turned out!

OmarsAccount2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

But with the same technology of course with the ability to run the same things, except obviously one would have phone and phone network support. The reason is because Sony shouldn't have consumers having to decide between there current cell phone and a PSP. I know many people who aren't going to give up their Droid or iPhone, and spend a couple hundred dollars for a PSP. But there are going to be some people that do want the PSP Phone.

Thats why they should have two seperate devices, so consumers can pick freely on the device they want. Otherwise they'll be limiting their userbase. That's worse than "splitting it", but even still the split wouldn't be significant. It'll still be a PSP 2 in its core.

jony_dols2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Sony still have made a massive amount of money from the PSP console sales alone. You could also argue that a considerable percentage of 360 hardware sales have been purchased to play pirated games.

And even though 3rd party dev support on the system has dwindled in the past few years. I'm sure Sony will reassure devs for the PSP2 that their new handheld will be as difficult to crack as the PS3, and that they have learned a lot about system protection since 2004. Hell, the only reason the PS3 was hacked recently was because some scumbags stole a debug usb key from a PS3 repair centre, and Sony patched it with an update within days of the leak.

Rush2954d ago

People here know am not a massive Sony supporter but if the PSP2 is in fact a phone then consider my Iphone 4 traded in towards it.

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nunley332954d ago

I actually think the PSP phone & PSP2 will be separate products and that will play the same games and a great way to expand the psn. SONY has long wanted an IPHONE killer and a slice of APPLE'S pie. This is the best way to do it and will replace the walkman phones they put out now.I would so buy both and the psn & mini developers would love this!

DigitalRaptor2954d ago

That would be an absolutely terrible idea, and would split the PSP userbase down the middle. That's why I don't think Sony would do that.

baker_boi2954d ago

It SHOULD split the user base down the middle. Cause I know right now, if it aint like the first PSP but improved I aint buyin no fuckin video game phone.

Shit would have to be cut away to balance the "PSP" and the "Phone" side. And that aint what Im lookin for. I'm lookin for all game or nothin.

Leave the phone for people who want it, leave the gaming machine for people who want it.

catguykyou2954d ago

I hope not. If so, I wont be getting it unless they have a non phone version as well. I don't want to spend the extra money for phone components when I already have a better phone.

JLeVRT2954d ago

The PSPphone is NOT the PSP2! This article is stupid

PS360fanboy2953d ago


It's called piracy. Google it.

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f7897902954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

If it is also a phone, I swear to god I'll would buy a 3DS. I can only afford one, so what's it going to be Sony? Leave the phone shit out! I already have a phone, we all do. We just want a gaming device.

Takoulya2954d ago

Price. I could buy an iPod if I didn't want to pay extra for the same thing with phone capabilities by buying the iPhone, but if the PSP2 and PSPhone are the same, there would be no alternative for people not wanting a phone and paying extra.

Blaster_Master2954d ago

The phone could also just be an option. Quit crying like a little baby.

bodybombs2954d ago

because people who already have phones or expensive phones are most likely, if in the united states, under contract. it wouldnt be profitable to catch a large market if it were a phone. for instance no parent is going to buy their kids a 200$ phone and pay a 80$ a month contract just to have the features. they would, however, buy a 200 gaming system and a game here and there because there isnt any other fees included.

personally i dont think it would make sense for them to make the next handheld a phone, and that be it.

jack_burt0n2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

u must be a kid, only reason i can think ppl dont want a phone is they cant afford a contract.

or are apple fanatics.

Garnett2954d ago

Or some of us dont want to pay 2 bills, or some of us already have superior phones...

Corepred42954d ago

or think they have superior phones, lol.

Mr_Bun2954d ago

I have an iPhone 4 and I would buy the PSP2 phone day 1...and I love my iPhone

ShinMaster2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

2 bills?
You only pay for the device once. Your only bill would be the phone one.

skrug2954d ago

or you can buy the phone without contracts...

MEsoJD2954d ago

I have an Iphone 4 aswell, but instantly jump on a psphone. I love my iphone 4

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jukins2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

yea guess its impossible for them to do like apple and have a "PSP2" phone and a standalone "PSP2" lol. imo having a kickass gaming multimedia and phone all in one device is what sony will need to simultaneously compete with nintendo and apple in the mobile gaming market. also as far as the price i mean $150-$200 is the going rate on all the smart phones with a contract. so sony go ahead and make that all in one device i've been waiting for

silvacrest2954d ago

i read the whole articke and agree pretty much 100% sony have more incentive to just release a PSPhone rather then a standalone psp2

the potential appeal for a PSPhone could be massive and this is coming from a guy who is always looking for the latest android phones

hikayu2954d ago

indeed it makes more sense for sony to come out with just 1 handheld gaming device . having the ps phone and psp2 out battling over essentially the same market is a recipe for disaster . why ?
confusion caused by having multiple platform makes developers reluctant to support either platform . spreading fanbase across 2 platforms that have different hardware also spell disaster as neither will experience the complete experience they should have had if it was just 1 device . and no one would ever want to spend a grand on 2 weakly supported platforms .
i think sony knows this , that's why they're still not making anything definite and weighing their options.

Stealth20k2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Its not the psp 2 thats very well established

The phone only has the graphics of the original psp (maybe less) the psp 2 is a beast.

this guy is a butthurt loser

companies already have the psp2 to work with. Its made.

silvacrest2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

did you read the article?

@ below, dedicated gaming device should be more powerful by defualt, if they are not then someone failed somewhere

sony have not even officially announced the PSP2/phone, what developers have are prototypes, even they are probably unsure, afterall the prototypes they have could be lacking the phone feature because it was not needed for their development

im just guessing but a psphone makes more sense financially then a PSP2, the target audience would be far greater and there could always be a phone-less psphone

"companies already have the psp2 to work with. Its made"

you have no proof of this, devs have a prototype, whether that will be a PSP phone or PSP2 is still unknown

Stealth20k2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

yeah he said there is no psp 2 which makes him a moron

Companies already have the psp 2 and say its as powerful as a 360.

The phone and psp 2 are seperate devices

dedicated gaming devices are always better and always will be

the phone is codenamed zeus and the psp 2 is codenamed something completely different. They are different

I dont need a phone with my gaming device

antihiroprotagonist2954d ago

you must be a dipshit; a lot of people already have phones and don't need another one

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

And a lot of people don't have phones, and they need one.


Otheros002954d ago

I don't have one. I don't need one. Also, I hate getting one. Getting spam on your phone is worse than getting email spam. You have to delete them individually instead of deleting them all at once.

It is not directed towards you.

silvacrest2954d ago

by your logic most people have phones so no reason to make new ones, right? lol

no reason to combine all these features into one device because i already have a phone, that only makes phone calls.....

jack_burt0n2954d ago

lol are u as inbred as you sound? like a failed red neck abortion :)

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