"Game Ruining" Funny Glitch Found In New Call of Duty: Black Ops

Modern Warfare 2 was well known for its “amazing” glitches, looks like Black Ops will be getting it’s fair share too.

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cyborg2955d ago

is just the start, there's more to be found

gameseveryday2955d ago

I wonder whether there will be javelin glicth. That as truly mind blowing. Check the vide below

MerkinMax2955d ago

Then he says "look at the floating apple." And I lol'd. Very funny video!

irepbtown2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I was thinking the exact same, why on earth would he be shooting fruits?

There was one thing i noticed, i played Sticks and Stone match with my friends, final killcam and a tomahawk? was throw and killed one person. But the tomahawk was a good distance away from the face, just above the shoulder, but a but further from the face. Not a game ruiner, but just though i'd say it.

Singleplayer is brilliant, on the last level and WOW. Definitely the best story after COD4

BaKon2955d ago

Oh my, they really need to fix this! what a terrible game ruiner!

Shubhankar2955d ago

Hosting Floating Apple lobby on PS3, message me for details!

uzair212955d ago

ha glicth lol

yoshiroaka2955d ago

I see what you did there!

Bojeeva2955d ago

Man, hope they get to the core of the problem ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.