Geforce GTX 570 comes soon

Fudzilla: It looks like the GF110 core will find home in one more card. Nvidia has just launched the Geforce GTX 580, also known as Fermi done right and you can take a look at our thoughts here, and there will be one more card to come.

Geforce GTX 570 is the name and it is based on the same chip but instead of 512 shaders enabled, the new card has one cluster less and 480 shaders, like the GTX 480. We can do the math and tell you how many other parts you care about Nvidia cut out, but we will wait to see the specs before we jump the guns.

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CombineElite2932d ago

If Nvidia cuts the shaders back down to 480 then this will perform exactly like the GTX 480 but it will run cooler and use slightly less electricity which is a good thing.

Many people had a conniption fit about AMD's number change but to me Nvidia should have just named these new cards GTX 485 and GTX 475 as they are just re-freshes of the GF100 series with better capacitors and a new cooling solution.

A GTX 480 is now $380 so what will a GTX 570 be? $425? GTX 460 1gb SLI at $400 is the best solution for Nvidia fans