Microsoft: "We've no plans for another Xbox"

GamerZines writes:

Microsoft have stated that they have "no plans for another Xbox," instead focussing their efforts on backing the recently released motion control sensor Kinect in elongating the Xbox 360's life-cycle.

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Convas2929d ago

I don't believe that. I WILL not believe that. You cannot seriously tell me that MS intends to let the PS4 go unchallenged next gen.

nikkisixx22929d ago

I'm guessing they will support Kinect for a few years, release a hand-held device, then make a new xbox. Years from now.

Red_Orange_Juice2929d ago

Not true, but they can't say "we're working on next xbox already, bo don't worry go and buy Kinect"

Sony3602929d ago

I guess they looked at the Wii sales and decided to go casual.

Still, it's hard to believe they won't work on a new console.

-Alpha2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

They don't mean it, they are acting as if their software updates and Kinect will live forever. It's more like the are trying to push how great Kinect is for the future rather than denying the existence of a new Xbox.

They need a new gameplan for next gen. This gen was about biting into the Sony marketshare and they did really well. It cost them reliability issues, but they managed to make a huge name for themselves as a brand this gen. This is all I would imagine they would want, especially when you are up against two long-established giants. Now they need to understand how to establish themselves through first party games.

Perjoss2929d ago

"I guess they looked at the Wii sales and decided to go casual."

this might sound a bit far fetched but its 1 possibility. MS did say they will be focusing more on PC gaming, they may have made a choice to try and divide casuals from hardcore with 360 and PC.

R0me2929d ago

Learn to read: They said they dont have plans for another xbox.

So where do they say they dont have plans for a new CONSOLE?

They wont give up this huge market, they invested a lot of money in this sector.

BrutallyBlunt2929d ago

Couldnt agree more.

Microsoft has accomplished one thing mainly and that is parity. We see this with third party support. They after all make up the bulk of game developers out there. So what they need to do now is focus on widening their appeal outside of the U.S. and creating their own identity.

It needs more than just Halo and Bungie is no longer the heart of the franchise. Kinect could very well help with this new identity and it could also help their biggest fundamental challenge at the same time too, and that is competing better on a worldwide basis.

One problem with Microsoft is they are a lot like Activision in a sense, they want to go after things that will sell well. They dont seem to be as worried about gathering IP's like Sony. This could hurt them down the line but maybe they see a device like Kinect attracting those new IP's.

As far as this claim they have no plans that is not true. It's just PR spin because Kinect just came out. They dont want to worry new consumers that they are already working on a new system. They want to create an appearance of a whole new launch and it will be years from now that a new XBOX will come out.

seinfan2929d ago

Sounds like a big mistake.

darthv722928d ago

to think otherwise is foolish. MS would not want to compromise wqhat they have achieved with the 360 by admitting that "YES we are making a new system".

The time and place for such an announcement will be of their choosing. Until such time I believe they will focus their efforts on the kinect/360 as they say. No harm in developing something under the radar.

Speculation has a bad way of taking over a situation. No matter if it is true or false. Rumors are what people want to hear. Not the truth. If they speak the truth people will still dismiss it. Even coming from the horses mouth.

AtatakaiSamurai2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

you can desagree all day long but on this one he was right

and he has said this since 2007. how the hell did he even think of this but yet, more and more people are talking the same thing in 2010. Crazy.

bananlol2928d ago

Maeby they arent allowed to make a new one, all public companies have a responsibility to their stock owners.

kancerkid2928d ago

Microsoft starting working on 360 a year after the original Xbox released. Since that console lasted about 5 years, I think we would be safe to say they are definitely working on a new console as of now, AT LEAST forming hardware partnerships, and maybe a software partnership or two.

It doesn't have a name, realized shape, or any definite games, but they are definitely working on one, as is Sony looking into their possibilities.

AtatakaiSamurai2928d ago

he is actually talking things that could be right. all this talk of no xbox720 he is the only one i have seen talking aobut this for a long time. look
"Don't you get it?
There is no Xbox3. Natal is supposed to be the XBOX3. When MS was talking about a 10yr plan what do you think they actually meant?

MS is not bringing out a console to compete with the PS4. They are more interested in the Wii's success and are focusing efforts on natal

Ask your self, how can MS announce an xbox3 next yer (year6) when they're making a massive push with Natal at Christmas just 7months apart?

How many console manufacturers do you know have not put out initial specs for their next console during or b4 year5? which often means a launch 2yrs from then.

If there's supposed to be an XBOX3, MS would have been showing off rough specs by now to give investors a heads up. Natal IS the xbox3 don't you guys see that?"
"Dude think about it. You can't launch a console (especially one that pushes high tech) a year after you show of the initial specs.

You need atleast two years to get feed back for the general public and refine the final product... unless you think the next Xbox is coming in 2013 :?"

this is kind of recent cause he post history is too long but this is madness. how did he see this stuff?

pixelsword2928d ago

I hope that's not true; I really, really hope that's not true. No competition could destabilize the advancements of all consoles next gen.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2928d ago

Wow how many more years are you guys will to put up with this? Sub HD gaming FTW for PS3 user.

PS3 #1

(suck it bitches :P )

blackmagic2928d ago

I imagine that MS, Sony and Nintendo will all say something like this until the reveal of their next gen offerings. If I hadn't bought at this point and I learned that 2012 a new xbox was launching I might just say screw it, I'll wait to the next gen.

Chubear2928d ago

I see atleast one person has read my blogs lol

I was going to state something else but I guess I'll put it down on a blog... seeing as I now know somebody's going to read it lol

Thanks for reading my blogs dude... or dudette.

beardpapa2928d ago

They can't work on a new console and not call it an 'xbox'

Unlike Nintendo, the Microsoft name alone does not tell people it's a game company. The Sony name alone does not tell people it's a game company. It is the Xbox and Playstation brand franchise that tells people it's a video game.

When people say they want a Nintendo, you immediately know they're talking about a video game-something.

Microsoft? Oh. You want Windows 7? Sony? Oh you mean the tv?

It would be unwise for Microsoft to ditch the Xbox label and use a new name. More than 6 years later and they decide to ditch the Xbox label in favor of Kinect? Please. The Kinect brand name is still an infant compared to the Xbox name.

SkyGamer2928d ago

Well Kinect can work on any console with USB support. Just because they just released Kinect now doesn't mean they have to scrap it when the new console comes out. Besides until the other two start showing off hints of another console, MS doesn't have to worry about rushing it to the market. Besides the Wii is declining so I don't see them not investing in another console.

doa7662928d ago

what they're saying is that with Kinect they will artificially extend the 360's life cycle so it will last as long as the PS3's, and they'll release a new console with the PS4

the problem is that the 360 is no where near as powerful as it would have to be for that, therefore there will be very few hardcore games and they will be very far in technical quality from the PS3 exclusives

they are far in quality now, but if they intent to stay on the market as long as the PS3 by the ninth year the exclusives will look like they're from a different generation

I hope with this xbots will udnerstand that MS will gladly dump all the hardcore base they earned if they think they can make more money with todlers and housewives

Immortal3212928d ago

they can't wait for an upgrade.

darthv722928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Maybe MS does not want to face that dreaded 3rd console curse that nin, sega, sony, even atari faced.

If you look back at pretty much all console mfgs that made it past a 2nd system. Their 3rd was not as successful as their 2nd (or the 1st in some cases).

Right now the 360 is their 2nd system and it has surpassed the 1st by great lengths. Look at the genesis (2nd) to the master system and then see how their saturn (3rd) did. How about the 5200 as compared to the 2600 (yes pong would be considered their 1st).

Sony is currently facing this curse (not as bad as sega or nintendo) in that it has not surpassed the sales or popularity of their 2nd system. It has potential to do so but that resides on the consumers.

I know that all sounds like pure dribble but there is some legitimacy. Just look back in console history at those who released a bonafide 3rd console and compare it to their previous offerings.

doa7662928d ago

maybe they mean that they will call it BOX-X

REALgamer2928d ago

It's not meaning 'we will never make another Xbox', it means 'we have no plans to release another Xbox any time soon'.

Ie: they're focused on the current Xbox and Kinect at the moment, don't go getting excited about an Xbox 3 for a while.

ThanatosDMC2928d ago

Damn, does this mean more 360 d-bags are gonna talk mess while im playing MAG? Last night i was playing with my clan and there were two idiots spouting how much Halo was so much better than MAG.

We told them that if they love it so much that they should just play Halo instead of MAG. So in response they teamkilled 3 of our 6 clanmates before they rage quit.

AAACE52928d ago

I'll always be waiting for that announcement saying that Nintendo and MS have made a console together!

It would cut the losses of creating a new console, you could have the best games from both companies in one place, you could have XBL, you could have Nintendo's master console design(reliability).

This would allow Nintendo to spread more across other areas like focusing on the 3DS and making games. MS would be able to focus on making games and XBL support! They split everything dealing with the console and keep everything from their first party games.

But I guess i'm just dreaming.... Would be funny to see Kinect and the Wiimote join forces.... talk about precision!

Sarcasm2928d ago

Honestly, what can they do for their next console other than probably making Kinect standard and having better graphics? And last I checked, they have to go Blu-Ray or another form of disc medium and finally ditch DVD. That or go entirely Digital Distribution which would be a stupid move.

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shovelface882929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Judging by Sony's past and their recent success with the new PS3 SKU, I don't forsee them releasing a new console for at least 2 more years. That is plenty of time for Microsoft to throw something together.

Why would they release a console anytime soon? Kinect is selling like crazy. Same with PS Move. I'm perfectly content with this generation of consoles lasting another 2-3 years.

GiggMan2929d ago

lol "Throw something together"

But seriously MS has something planned, I don't care what they say...

Parapraxis2929d ago

"That is plenty of time for Microsoft to throw something together. "
And thus, history repeats itself.

AtatakaiSamurai2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

holy cow man, this really confirms people who support ms don't care about quality gameing. they only care for ms.

so ms will throw something together and you will still buy it? throw something together? you didnt learn any lesson from this gen?

crazy. i dont' care what anyone says about me. ms spoil this industry with their style of business and faluty hardware and their fans spoil it too by supporting marketing over actual quality.

i will be happy when ms leaves the gameing industry. i dont care if you think i a fanboy. ms is bad for games and future of games.

Trroy2928d ago

Lol. "throw something together".

Well... I guess that *is* what they did with the 360. Slapped something together to give them a year up. Sure they all melted, but... it got MS into a decent position, as far as the marketplace was concerned.

frostypants2928d ago

The next generation will begin before this generation least for Sony's part. They have no problem supporting 2 consoles. The PS2 is still a big seller.

I still say the PS4 will arrive in 2012 or 2013. And if they stick to the Cell, *or* move to a PC-like architecture, that should shorten development time.

gedapeleda2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They should upgrade the cell and add some fancy gpu and of course moar RAM

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Neckbear2929d ago

I very much doubt Sony has plans for a "PS4", either.

Shadow Flare2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Uh, yes they have

"In a recent interview with Play3, Sony’s Senior VP of Product Development, Shuhei Yoshida said that the PlayStation 4 will use optical storage discs like Blu-Ray for blockbuster games"


Perjoss2929d ago

if they are smart they will not want the next xbox to have a 1 year lead like last time. The 1 yesr lead has been very good for MS.

frostypants2928d ago

Neckbear, they absolutely do. The only question is when it's coming out.

FFXI1012928d ago

@NecKbear Of course they do(I'm pretty sure MS and Nintendo have plans for their next gen syetems as well). They aren't talk about it because is not the time yet, plus both companies just release Move and Kinect they want to focus on that.

@Perjoss Yes, a one year lead has been very good for MS, but let's not forget another reason(PS3's price tag when it first released)

I think MS will be more careful this time on when they'll come out the next system, my guess is that they want to be out first but not rush it like they did with the 360(RROD, E74/E76 error..)

Personally, I'd like Sony to take their time. I like what PS3 has to offer, PSN, XMB and PS3's game line-up have all been improved greatly since Nov 16 2006. There're still room left for PS3 and I'm not ready for the next gen just yet. But I'll be ready to get one whenever they are coming out, whether is by the end of 2011 or 2012.

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Domer252929d ago

Kinect is plug and "play", so I also believe the new Xbox will have a connection for it. There is no way in hell we wont see a new xbox within two years IMO.

Elven62928d ago

I think they mean just for the time being, according to analyst reports, Microsoft should recoup their Xbox related debt in a few years as a result of the 360 and Xbox Live's growth. It would be stupid of Microsoft to just quite there when they would have an increased chance at profitability in the future.

frostypants2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I hope to god they're lying. Hardcore gaming needs this competition.

Fellow gamers, we're potentially on the precipice of an elongated period of casual gaming hell...and if that happens, we have Nintendo to thank for it (thanks, a-holes!).

My biggest fear is if this makes Sony hold back on the PS4 release.

Nugundam00792928d ago

Nintendo did plenty positive this gen-so hold of on the speeches for now Reagan geez.

meluvulongtime2928d ago

They're just saying they have no plans for another xbox because they don't want to alienate potential buyers and current owners. Anyone remember how they dropped the original xbox?? They don't want people to even think a new console is on the horizon. Regardless of name, MS will put out a new console for next gen.

princejb1342928d ago

thats cool
i hope so
and let the console war continues=]

King-Leonidas2928d ago

and i have no plans for invanding Persia... I just wanna clarify this.

skip2mylou2928d ago

well you may not but your sons do

poopface12928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They are going to make another console, but of course they are going to say they are going to try and extend the life of 360 longer than the original xbox.

If someone asked them about the next xbox and they said "ohh yeah its coming" that guy would be fired. I bet this is another out of context quote anyways.

Megaton2928d ago

I remember several years back they had said the 360 would be forward compatible. Pretty sure they meant Kinect, which is quite disappointing.

BabyTownFrolics2928d ago


they were saying that the next xbox would be able to play the same games as the 360, but they would take advantage of the new hardware.

Nerox32928d ago

since when the 360 was a challenge for the ps3 anyway?
since when xbox was a challenge for PS2?
since when....??? 0.o was a challenge for PS1 ?

Fan Tastic2928d ago

LOL, since when has MS earned the trust of any gamers to tell the truth. The thing is they've been so full of shit for so long that when during the rare instance they do tell the truth, nobobdy will know.

Lord_Doggington2928d ago

W/ the recent introduction of MS cloud tech, I can see them incorporating a cloud based gaming service through a deal w/ cable companies and/or TV manufactures. So maybe no physical console, but in two-three years, maybe they can take what Onlive tried to do and run w/ it...

CryWolf2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

You know guys this is starting to be like Nintendo vs Sega again but instead of Nintendo we have Sony and the PS3 with Blu-ray vs Microsoft with Kinect/HD-DVD add-on, Sega have already tried something simpler with Sega CD and 32x WTF is MS thinking that there not making another xbox console.

PeterGriffinSays2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

These systems be too expensive nowadays. I don't expect Xbox 720/PS4 till 2014 anyway.

vhero2928d ago

I think they are seeing if they can still actually turn an overall profit from this xbox first before they think about another.. As for competition from Sony maybe Nintendo will finally step upto the plate?? If they don't then maybe a better dev like SEGA will give it another go?

PeterGriffinSays2928d ago

It will probably still be weaker than 360/PS3, lololol

No Way2928d ago

I'd like to see Sega make another gaming console!
I think that not a lot of people did, but I loved the Dreamcast.
And, now, with their first party games.. Oh boy!

Sackdude2928d ago

MS will stop making/supporting core games.

they are making casual games.

so whats up 360 fans you still defend your casual console?

Sackdude2928d ago

@ the Disagrees.
the truth hurts fanboys.

No Way2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Honestly.. I'm not sure what your post has to do with anything? >.<
And, with you only having a measly two bubbles, I'm sure you've been 'hurt,' a few times, eh? And, oh look at that, it doesn't appear you can reply to me! Sad sad sad.. It's a shame really. It really is. Tragic! =( lol.

Good day to you, fanboy. :)

Saint-Revlot2928d ago

If you ask me, I love a stiff competition between game consoles. Both try to create the best experience for gamers because both systems want to be the best. It's a win win for the gamers.

If there is no competition people wont work as hard to make quality games.

zeddy2928d ago

both ps3 and 360 install bases are at 40 mil + do they really want to make another console and have to sell those 40 mil all over again? it took them 4 years to sell all them and now their reaping the rewards with good software sales.

No Way2928d ago

I'm thinking they mean 'now.' I mean, why would they?
They just released Kinect, for x360. No reason for a new xbox.. yet.
I highly doubt that Microsoft won't release another xbox.. ever.

xAlmostPro2928d ago

maybe this is why the recent price hike in live, and the real reason for going so heavily into kinect and the casual market.. just to make a final hit tonne of money before they pull out of the console war..

i mean it wasn't long ago when they talked about supporting PC gaming again, maybe they're gonna make a PC gaming rig

who knows, btw sony wouldn't be unchallanged theres still nintendo

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Omega42929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Not surprising, they won't release Kinect and just support it for 1 year. It will be a good 2-3years before we see the next xbox.