NFS: Hot Pursuit demo draws in two million players within two weeks

GamerZines writes:

Criterion Games have announced that within the two weeks of its availability, the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo has raked in a staggering number of two million players.

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nix2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

everyone likes free stuffs.

i was one of them though.

MaximusPrime2928d ago

im one of 2 million players and will still be when i get the full version ;)

xino2928d ago

2 million sales already. to people who dislike the demo will equal to 1million sales.

Don't forget fans of N4Speed and people without internet

Overall 2.5million or 3million

2928d ago
morkendo232928d ago

played the demo as cop dont have online friend so never had chance to play as racer what a bummer.