CoD: Black Ops problems - Treyarch responds

"Every game has bugs; it's a reality of gaming. And the bigger the game, the more likely you will find bugs that would never even come to light in less popular titles."

That's what Activision blogger Dan Amrich had to say yesterday, when he asked players to alert the publisher to any bugs, software problems or online exploits they spotted in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Now developer Treyarch has issued a strongly worded comment, specifically tackling the subject of glitchers.

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Taggart4512954d ago

I call bullshit. Releasing a game with glitches is one thing, but releasing a game that is just BROKEN, even under ideal conditions, is no excuse. Come on guys.

It's just a balance. You have the perfectionists like Yamauchi and Gran Turismo, or you have the Fallout 3/Vegas that are so bug-ridden at release and they say "we'll fix it later."

I just don't know what to do anymore.

trounbyfire2954d ago

you said it.

GT5 will have a few problems because every game has them but when its a bunch of problems that is just bad development.

its not like they were doing something new. they have the formula and still screwed it up.

jeseth2953d ago

and a major step back for the franchise. Graphics are worse, matchmaking/party lobby is terrible, little to no recoild, etc.

Black Ops make MW2 look amazing, and thats not a good thing. I'm just mad they got my $$$.

blackbeld2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

^^^ I Agree Jeseth.

MW2 is much better although it also got many bugs but it a overall better game then Black Ops. Matchmaking is terrible and graphics looks like an upscaled hd PS2 game.

But the Black Ops campaign is awesome.

MasterGuru2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Black Ops make MW2 look good and although that's what I think, I can call that a fact. At first glance, the graphics were SO bad. I thought Modern Warfare 2 looked better and that is a FACT. Gameplay was bullshit as the guns had too much recoil. Snipers were a massive disappointment. Are you kidding me, Treyarch? What sniper takes two shots to kill a guy? MASSIVE MISTAKE. Besides having the worst matchmaking in gaming history (succeeds FIFA), the game was overrated. I'm not a guy who complains when I play a game but Black Ops was just pure bad. In fact, every time I buy a game, and search for news of it, I would be surprised to see complaints from the masses (media) but if there were complaints about Black Ops in N4G or IGN, I wouldn't be surprised and that is MY FIRST TIME since I've ever played a game. In fact, I LOVED Modern Warfare 2. Absolutely LOVED it cos it had GAMEPLAY(something black ops doesn't have). If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have bought Black Ops. Sorry Treyarch but because you tried so hard to please the majority of us, this is what happens. You took out snipers completely (but not technically), you followed what the casual community wanted. What they complained, you removed, now, the game is absolute $hit. Nuff' said.


The maps were aboslutely $hit btw. Not only was it small, but it was also taking everything away if you were using the sniper and like the people from below me has said, the PS3's resolution is like 540p or 480p or something. It definitely doesn't look anything near MW2.

nickjkl2953d ago

actually master alot of snipers take 2 shots to kill unless they aim for certain spots like the heart or between the neck

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Blaze9292954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

that's why you should have done a public beta/demo assholes. Learn from Bungie, Guerrilla Games, and Epic.

Baka-akaB2954d ago

what's funny with that quote from them is , the game aint even big , except in fans and sales .

It's a fricking corridor fps , not some open world experience ... so they should refrain from excuse suiting sandbox and open world games

commander2954d ago

Epic? reallly? After the terrible online of gears of war 2 they do not belong on that list

edhe2953d ago

Commander has a point - epic's never done a meaningful beta/demo.


raztad2954d ago

How was Word @ War in comparison? was it solid?

OSU_Gamer2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Well I personally don't remember any glitches or bugs at [email protected] release.

To be fair, besides the party bug where you can't join a game with a party, there has been almost no other problems for me.

I understand the hate for MW2, but there is a lot of hate for Black Ops that seems kinda frivalous. I know you guys wont, but I am giving Treyarch the benefit of the doubt here. They have made a lot better game than MW2.

Don't hate on the developers because the community is putting a huge effort into cheating.

Shackdaddy8362954d ago

WaW was pretty good. I dont remember any bugs except sometimes you can find little areas where the dog killstreak wont attack you.

I still have fun with that game. I hope that BO is somewhat similar to WaW(haven't bought it yet) cus if it is then I will probably enjoy it.

OSU_Gamer2954d ago


The only thing similiar is probably the Zombie mode. Everythign else is based on MW2.

I was hopinh the same thing, but was a little dissapointed when it wasn't the case.

DeathMetal2954d ago

on Pc and it ran great no problems at all

Pillage052954d ago

I'm assuming the people above weren't playing the ps3 version of [email protected] Campaign was relatively bug free but the online portion in my experience for the ps3 was terrible. They had obvious wall glitches on certain maps that were used about 99% of the games I played that they didn't bother fixing for 4-5 months after release.

And the group lobby was broken at least up to when mw2 came out (i sold my copy off). I'd say 75% of the time it would put me and my friends in completely different games. Which can get pretty annoying when it can take up to 15 minutes to get in to a game with friends.

I was told the 360 version was much better off but I didn't get to try it much. I've been pretty lucky though with my BO experience on the ps3. Multi-player plays well...few bugs in the campaign already though.

DruePhoenix2953d ago

You guys just have poor memories, poor hit detection(patched), under map glitches, and a myriad of other(major) things present in the Beta they never bothered to fix

Business as usual for Treyarch

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BubbleSystemSuck2954d ago

now i know why there is so much hater in N4G...
all the hater are here, commenting.
The other millions are playing games without complaining.

Fallout haters, CoD, haters, EA haters...

Killman2954d ago

Millions of other people are still paying a lot of money for broken products and they do it blindly. How ironic.

Kaneda2954d ago

This game is more broken than MOH.. and it got 9.5-9... shheeessh....

rdgneoz32954d ago

"Fallout haters, CoD, haters, EA haters..."

I have fallout and I love it. Just wish it wasn't broken so I could actually finish the game... (Lucky 38 section of the strip always [oh, about 40 times in a row] freezes the game and causes me to have to restart the system)

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xTruthx2954d ago

Man Im about to rage on something because of this game. 10 games in a ROW, wager match, I wining and everyone FKING LEAVES!, Ive lost over 40grand in winnings an almost 20 grand cash, its ridiculous

-MoOkS-2954d ago

It's only broken on ps3 and pc. It's perfectly fine on the 360. Go and buy it on its true platform (360), and youll experience it at its best

Jacobite2954d ago

Thats not the point is it fanboy ! What ever platform its on it should'nt be broken, people pay good money for a product they expect and should get a quality product, from the first COD game to COD BO it should be near prefection at least on any platform. Incase you think it sour grapes I own 360,PS3 and PC.

BeOneWithTheGun2954d ago

If you go buy a new Toyota, spend your hard earned money so you can have transportation to work then have it break down every day and are told, "Well, you should have bought a Honda so it's you fault..." you would be ok with that logic?

If Tresuck had ADVERTISED, "Hey guys, the PS3 version is gimped pretty bad. Lower rez, horrible frame rate and tons of bugs" then I would be ok with it because I can then make a decision as to where I want to place my money.

But to market a game and have it suck then say, "oh BTW, yeah, this version sucks" is a slap in the face.

HungPHATx2953d ago




BeOneWithTheGun2954d ago

In bethesda's defense, Fallout is a HUGE sandbox game that lasts upwards of 50 hours to complete. THAT is understandable to have bugs and whatnot. A 7 hour linear campaign and MP with this many issues? NO WAY.

Plus, a patch can fix the PS3's resolution?

TheGameFoxJTV2953d ago

I got through Fallout NV without any bugs popping up at all. I even had about 30 mods installed.

ReservoirDog3162954d ago

Haha, oh come on. You're over exaggerating if you say black ops is broken. I've played about 6 hours all together and besides a little lag, I don't see a broken game.

Zachmo1822954d ago

Well its not Treyarchs fault the game is broke... Blame that on Activision the game has to come out on the day they say so.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2954d ago

Yeah that's what betas are for.

Deputydon2953d ago

Okay, yes this game has bugs. A lot of them. The SP even has quite a few issues. But so far the experience playing this game has been far greater than MW2. I only have 2 days and some odd hours of total playing time online in MW2. That is practically nothing for a game where most players have 10days+. I'm not a CoD fan. For the longest time I content with CoD4, I liked WaW SP, but the multiplayer was terrible. MW2 I hated the entire thing after a couple of days of playing.

CoD:BO is a completely different story. I beat the single player and honestly believe that in my opinion it was better than the at least the last 3 CoD games. (4, WaW, MW2). The multiplayer is laggy on the PS3 version, and yes the party system is having some issues, and yes the theater mode was down for almost an entire day, and yes I do believe that they should have had a beta.

But I fully believe the game will get patched. Regardless of what everyone here is saying, Treyarch has ALWAYS had great fan support. They released a ton of map packs for WaW to keep everyone playing, they updated and fixed issues as soon as possible. And they basically fixed all the major complaints about MW2. They even toned down the overpowered helicopters/harriers that were so obnoxious in MW2. You will almost never see an AI killstreak get five kills in a row. Where as in MW2 a simple harrier could take out ten people fairly quickly.

Oh, and I cannot believe that people are saying this game has even less recoil. So far in my experience they made it so using an SMG for medium-to-long range is almost impossible. An assault rifle at long range is much more difficult to perfect than before. It almost makes me wish I had a sniper rifle once I start to hit those long distances. The only real issue so far weapon wise is that there aren't really any maps I've played where a sniper rifle would be THAT useful. Oh and I guess the RC can get annoying. I feel like it should be a little slower at least.

360nPS3rTheSAME2953d ago

has lost it. Mw2 online is terrible. I think these comments and most of n4g users are all about hating cod. Plain and simple.

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trounbyfire2954d ago

you would think that after MW2 problems that trey wold have learned..wait MW2 sold a lot so why would they care. they can put out games with a tech problems and it sales so why take time to fix it before release.

MGRogue20172954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Fix the damn sniping.. I don't quickscope but something is definately wrong with it.

Do I need to become a camper to become a sniper now? Fine, I'll start to camp more often then. :D

WiiPS3beats3602954d ago

Sniping is perfect, use the variable zoom it'll help ALOT
the standard scope is waaay tooo zoomed in
I hope treyarch just fixes the bugs, from my experience the problem is a little lag, ps3 btw
-my opinion

Simco8762954d ago

The nature of the video game industry nowadays. Until everyone stops buying games that are unfinished then it will keep going.

Look at how many people are complaining about GT5 being delayed for so long... people want games quick... so now they are getting them

MrCrimson2954d ago

good luck with that, chances are the guy you kill is going to spawn behind you within seconds.

bviperz2954d ago

This is why a BETA is so useful. Goes to show they are in it for the money, who gives a rip if it works properly or not. "All the great added features will give us a pass on the bugs and glitches!"

maxcer2954d ago

the game was tested throughout its development. that's what internal Q&A is for. just because they didn't release an open beta to the public doesn't mean it didn't go through the process. there is also XBL and PSN certification.

obviously it wasn't enough, but there was no way in hell activision would delay the game.