Kinect sales 'really awesome' - Kudo

Kinect sales have been "really awesome" during its first week on shelves in North America, creative director Kudo Tsunoda told CVG at the UK launch last night.

Speaking to us in a rare break from canoodling with fans, Kudo said he sees Europe as "critical" to the success of the Xbox 360 motion sensor.

"Sales are going really awesome [in the US]. At our launch event in Times Square we had 2,000 people lined up at midnight to get in and buy Kinect," he said.

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DoomeDx2958d ago

We'll BAM! I hate this guy.

He looks like a douche.

SilverSlug2958d ago

Is what he would say if he was here.

M-Easy2958d ago

That bad huh? If M$ isn't releasing exact numbers you know there awful. No company brags more about sales than M$, okay maybe Capcom.