Surprise, surprise: Microsoft marketing boss doesn't reckon much to PS3 stuff

It might not be too much of a surprise, but Microsoft's Stephen McGill has expressed just a little bit of ambivalence towards Sony and their PlayStation 3 lineup.

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Sweeper_2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

What do expect him to say.Its his job to promote MS products.Hes hardly going to go out and praise the competition
Dumb article

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raWfodog2836d ago

I'm surprised he admitted that he has a PS3 :)

dredgewalker2836d ago

Know your enemy....I think that's a good reason he owns one or that he just likes to game which is more normal. It's really not an issue.

ProjectVulcan2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Well he is the marketing boss. He cant talk about Sony's marketing because for the past year, Kevin Butler has totally overshadowed microsoft's core advertising strategies. Doesnt want to remind HIS bosses why he didnt come up with something as amusing. Maybe he'll get fired soon. Lol

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King-Leonidas2836d ago

hahahaha IT BURNSSSSS right

avengers19782835d ago

Would a ford sales men talk you into buying a chevy.

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KILLERAPP2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

What is supposed to say? I play my PS3 all the time and love it. Everyone should go out and buy one, here is my gamertag. He works for MS he can’t say that…

redsquad2836d ago

No, but he could say something like "While I feel MS offers the best gaming platform of this moment, Sony is a professional company that offers us healthy competition and we respect their history & experience".

When someone starts negative campaigning, in industry or politics, it usually means that they have nothing positive to say about themselves.

acere2836d ago

yea but no body has the balls to say that bcuz fear of been put out of a job.
at sony they encurage professional healthy competition and respect.

stonecold32836d ago

but the 360 will never have games like uncharted 1 , let alone uncharted 2 god of war 3 heavenly sword ffvs 13 , the last guardian , gt5 , lbp 2 killzone 2, killzone 3 , motorstorm ,the only thing ps3 and 360 share is multiplatforms games thats about it

Terror_B2836d ago

Lol i would way rather be playing 360 exclusives than those, as well as the superior multiplats.

They are all overrated in many gamers eyes, i couldnt even play longer than a couple of hours on uncharted without being bored to death, not to mention the horrendously bad multiplayer.

The PS3 doesnt even have a gamne like GT5 either.

gijsbrecht2836d ago

So your name is 'many gamers' ?

Arnagrim2836d ago

I just laughed so hard at that comment that I shot Red Bull out my nose...

redsquad2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Which 360 exclusives would you "rather be playing"? Please, tell us. I haven't snorted with derision for a few days now.
Also, please remember this VERY simple equation: "you" does NOT equal "many gamers".

And the meaning of your last comment eludes me. Yes, PS3 DOES have a game "like GT5"... it's called GT5.

AceofStaves2836d ago

You have a personal preference for the 360's games. I have a personal preference for titles from Sony and Nintendo.

We're simply individuals. Neither of us speaks for "many gamers." We only speak for ourselves, and our opinions aren't facts that everyone else has to accept.

Odin7772836d ago

"The PS3 doesnt even have a gamne like Gt5 either."


Persistantthug2836d ago

I mean, it is rated as one of the best games of ALL TIME.

Maybe Uncharted 3 will be up your alley.

rjdofu2836d ago

=), actually Ps3 exclusives are far better than those overrated generic Haloz shit...
And, "The PS3 doesnt even have a gamne like GT5 either.".... no comment...

Terror_B2836d ago

Haha you morons, if the PS3 has a game called GT5, please go out and buy it, cause i bet you cant. I love it when you make fools of yourself.

Xbox owners have been enjoying 2 AAA racing games since its come out, you PS3 lames have had nothing, NOTHING for years and years.

Dark_king2836d ago

4 million people already have where you been.

redsquad2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I DID buy GT5 Prologue so calm down, sunshine - you sound like a clichéd mad scientist.

And "morons"?? Well, you know what they say: When the person you're arguing with starts name-calling like a little girl, you know you've won.

I also notice that you didn't list those amazing exclusives you were bleating about, either.

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PS3ROCKS2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I'm friends with this guy. He loves playing his PS3

theafroman2836d ago

their over confidence will be there downfall