IGN Reviews Dynasty Warriors Gundam

Grab your laser swords and ridiculously over-sized shields, Dynasty Warriors Gundam is upon us now. Another title published by Namco Bandai and Koei, and developed by Omega Force, this science fiction action game follows in the footsteps of previous Dynasty Warriors games; just replace the ancient warriors with giant, interstellar robots. So hang on tight... Gundam, launch!

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BloodySinner4123d ago

Is this really the Japanese's attempt on braking into the western gaming market or are they just trying to make a quick buck here?

MaximusPaynicus4123d ago

Considering this is something like the twentieth game in the Dynasty Warriors series... quick buck.

djt234122d ago

quick buck because Dynasty Warriors Gundam suck
and why they have to take my fav anime why
cry cry cry damm u

Maddens Raiders4123d ago

a damn shame. I really wanted to like this game. Oh well.

crck4123d ago

I played the demo off PSN and it was crazy boring. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the demo. It made Ninety Nine Nights seem like a AAA game.

xaphanze4123d ago

I wonder why japanese love such games.

lonestarmt4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

I dont know why you people don't understand. You should have known all the game was DW with gundam skin. They were not trying to rip you off, it even says in the title. I bought the game and love it. I loved the DW series and loved gundam, so to me this is just what the old DW formula needed, some new paint.

"Unfortunately, there's really no summary or prologue to any of this, so the missions just sort of start with dozens of characters bickering and shouting at one another about things that you may have never heard of before, unless you've followed the original Gundam series."

exactly, the game makes total sense to me, but to a noob, its like WTH?? I mean the guy complains about how the normal enemies don't attack, and if they did just how hard do you think it would be with 100 zakus attacking at the same time?? then he would complain about how hard it was. No way to win, unless you have a passion for gundam anime series.

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