CoD: Black Ops PS3 problems reported

Have you been playing CoD: Black Ops on PS3 trouble-free, or are you one of the unlucky players who have been running into bugs and glitches?

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Rayz3d6yW0lves2933d ago ShowReplies(2)
OtherWhiteMeat2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

That's what happens when you talk bad about Sony.Be a good little boy and maybe they'll restore it. Oooops meant to hit reply.

princejb1342933d ago

i have had all of these glitches so far
especially the one where they spawn directly behind me
i be like wtf
and i swear i thought someone was using commando at me
that guy fly towards me and knifed me

Mmmkay2933d ago

I'm sure I'd get all this as well if I could get the game to actually start...

PSFan1002933d ago

@Xboxfanboys < in general
The PS3 version is fine, small glitches come in most games. This is blown way out of proportion. If you want to talk about lag and an unfinished product go look at "Kinect" (Y)

orangeback2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

but i found out its only because of the patch if i delete the patch it works fine... i cant even get past the load up screen.

hassi942933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

PSFan stop talking about 360 fanboys then make a comment like that.

All fanboys including yourself can go fuck themselves. Fans are people who enjoy/praise one thing, doesn't mean you need to hate on everything else to make yourself feel better. Just pathetic.

kunit22c2932d ago

sad to say but Ive experienced these and more :( there were some serious frame rate issues in the campaign.. didn't notice any in the multiplayer though? And that spawning next to enemies OMG annoying as hell on nuke town happens EVERYTIME you spawn.. and the mics NEVER show. If the whole lobby had mics on I would see like 2. never had my PS3 freeze though. The leave with party NEVER works and is VERY annoying. There was a also a glitch in the campaign where you go to check out that plane crash that supposedly had nova6 on board and when I got to the plane to look at the package the game wouldn't continue it wouldn't load the scene where I was supposed to open it and that one guy wasn't there not Woods or Reznov but that other guy who's name I cant remember and I saved and quit and then came back trying to do it and it didn't work still couldn't continue, turns out I just had to restart the mission. Also FIX THE PARTY SYSTEM like honestly all the time it either says party no longer available (EVEN THOUGH IT IS!) or says your data is either newer or older than this persons data or something like that. BUT PLEASE just fix these!! PLEASE!!

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King-Leonidas2933d ago

talk about rushing out games jesus Activision

Gobstoper2933d ago

Thats what happens when you cant pay your bills because he has no job because he is too busy playing as a troll. Man this site is full of them.

Scary692933d ago

I have just about all of those issues as so does many other people except the Freeze. I did notice the leader board and the leave lobby with party.

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-Alpha2933d ago

Me too, some issues with framerate in Split-screen, disconnects, and other small things with sound that ought to be ironed out soon

Gobstoper2933d ago

works for me too. I hope they get it fixed for the other people.

ian722933d ago

I have it on PS3 and have had Knifing mechanic act like commando on one multi-player match (free for all), I knifed someone and noticed I'd jumped about 5 steps forward towards player being knifed. Theatre mode has worked well for me and have had no other problems yet. Maybe with more playtime some other bugs/glitches will happen.

BubbleSystemSuck2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Self sabotage?
Hey! Dont buy the PS3 version! Buy the superior!...

Gobstoper2933d ago

Well I would of chosen xbox but my ps3 is my only system working right now. So which one is superior for me?

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