Heavy Rain’s lost secrets revealed – Best Forgotten?

Play Mag: [Massive Spoiler Warning!] Some of Heavy Rain’s lost content has been revealed, but was it best to chop it or should some of it have been saved? Play takes a look.

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Dir_en_grey2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Madison's research/background story should've been left in...

RedDragan2959d ago

If it happened after Ethan's son had be taken, then it could have been seen just as a blackout or dream that happened because his son had been taken by the Origami Killer. It was a well known fact to everybody in the country that the O.K. drowned his victims... so this could have a been a scene of consequence and effect.

And as the guy says, would have been cool seeing everything in water lol...

Redempteur2959d ago

Same here , more madison would have been perfect to keep things going was too bad that only the FBI profiler had to look and check data to progress the plot ...

SeraphimBlade2959d ago

don't really agree with the removal of the underwater scenes. Why? A silly explanation is better than no explanation. When we learn the identity of the killer, Ethan's symptoms make no sense. His wife told the police that he would babble during his blackouts about children drowning. Plus, this makes the fact that he wakes up with origami figures in his hand and near Carnaby St., a place only important to the killer, complete coincidence.

They could have removed those parts but then the police wouldn't be after Ethan, and we'd be out about half the game.

NeoBasch2959d ago

Honestly, I'm glad they took that scene out. It's stupid. We don't need an answer if it delves into the supernatural. Heavy Rain is supposed to be bound in reality. It makes no sense to include a scene like that.

Besides, you can already reason Ethan experienced those dreams having read the newspaper covering the Origami killer. I believe there was one lying around his home somewhere in the beginning. They could have shown him obsessing over the case more. Kind of like Zodiac. That would have helped and had been entirely believable. Regardless, what they have now explains why he was babbling about children drowning in the water and why he wakes up with origami figures in his hand, but not why he woke up on Carnaby St: that's a red herring.

Acquiescence2959d ago

Just to flesh out their relationship a tad, seeing as how Paige knew who he was.

Bass_fisherman2958d ago

What about Shelby and Paige xD now THAT would be interesting xD

Orion2958d ago

If you haven't finished Heavy Rain or read the article, STOP READING, BIG SPOILER AHEAD.

Am I the only one who actually thought that "S" killed his mum at the hospital, but without a video for the scene? I mean, he goes into the room, there's a cut, and when he leaves she is.... quieter... I mean, it makes no sense to me what the article says, to me, "S" killed his mother there, just you didn't see it.