Apple Beat Sony & Microsoft in the ‘Most Wanted Gadget’ Stakes

Another new research panel conducted amongst UK consumers has been revealed to Electronic Theatre, this time from shopping website This latest survey has revealed that the Apple iPad is top of the UK's Christmas list this year, beating out both Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move devices, scooping over a third (37%) of the nation's vote to be crowned as the most desirable gadget.

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Iramo2927d ago

just kidding but apple sucks when it comes to customer service so I;m surprised

Shadowstar2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Huh? They're always rated quite high at customer service. (They have their problems, like all corporations do, but customer service just isn't one of the issues Apple has in general...)

Iramo2927d ago

Improving on the iphone and really giving it new stuff i tried the iphone 4 and I think i would be better off with the iphone 3

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2927d ago

Yeah --->I;m <---surprised too......

(Jesus could it be any more obvious? lol)

Consumer Reports and others give Apple high praise for their customer service.

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specialguest2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Android phones are on the rise. By years end, most if not all high end phones updated with Android 2.2 will be able to support Flash 10.1. There are tons of flash based free content out there, whether it be Hulu, or flash games.

I hope the PSP phone runs on Android OS.

Siesser2927d ago

I love the android OS, buy my goodness does it eat up some battery life. I can use my Blackberry freely as mp3 player, satellite radio, internet, etc. for a day or two before needing to even think about recharging, vs. a few hours (from what i hear) with android. tough decision - apps, or not being tethered to power cables...

MAiKU2926d ago

ok well first off the ipad and iphone do more than just games.

This is like saying do you want a cell phone more or a video game console.

I'd choose an updated cell phone and a shiny new tablet over them too. They have more practical uses than just games and movies.

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SyphonFilter2927d ago

a survey is not guaranteed sales.

gillri2927d ago

never brought asn apple product, hate that user-friendly over designed rubbish

Matthew942927d ago

you hate user friendliness and good design?

what's wrong with you?

jeeves862927d ago

Because there's making things easy, and then making it 'too' easy. Like the phones for old people with the gigantic buttons.

Moentjers2927d ago

that must be the most retarded comment since The invention of human writing. how can you blame something for being too easy to use ?

Axecution2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Anti-apple people can be so ridiculously stupid its unbelievable sometimes. XD Jesus christ.

"hate that user-friendly over designed rubbish"
"there's making things easy, and then making it 'too' easy. Like the phones for old people with the gigantic buttons."

The first quote is almost an oxymoron, and the second quote has so much wrong with it it's almost unexplainable. Theres no buttons on practically any apple product, be it Macbook, iMac, iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc. And even if there was- and even if it was a big button- how would that make it 'for old people'? And how is an iPhone even 'old people' friendly? Theres no way in hell my grandma could figure out how to use an iPhone.
And why is it bad for a phone to be easy to use?

f--king christ. I seriously hate anti-apple people. i really truly do. Sometimes they can be smart (the ones that understand the issues with upgrading a mac, but understand the positives of an all-in-one native design too) but it seems like most of them are complete dumb asses like the comments above and all over this page.

It's like, since Apple is mainstream with most of their products, they feel like original cool hardcore badasses by making fun of them; but really just look dumb.

MajestieBeast2927d ago

Ipad people are such sheep to buy that overpriced thing.

Matthew942927d ago

i used one the other day, web browsing had never been more enjoyable.

wouldn't buy one as its waaaay to expensive but it still makes browsing really fun and easy

jwk942927d ago

I don't like the ipad, i prefer my ipod touch.

wicked2927d ago

Android much better, with 2.2 it will play all embedded web videos etc, and multi tasks.

LordMarius2927d ago

Its nice to want things, keyword 'want'

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