GameOn: Call of Duty Black Ops Easter Egg

On the opening menu, you find yourself sat strapped into a chair, in a rather dark and dingy room. The super coolies part being, you can break free and find a rather nice surprise!!


Original post has been edited with further easter egg's and hidden extras that the GameOn team have found.

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ramza042953d ago

Its amazing how many little extras treyarch put into the game just for us to find...pretty cool!

Octo12953d ago

Dead Ops Arcade is fun as hell.Finding these easter eggs gives you trophies/achievements.

suriel2953d ago

GameOn has been updating this post with new Easter Eggs as the team find them. Some very interesting bits and pieces have been found and by all accounts, are still being discovered.

Keep an eye on this thread as it seems like its being updated rather frequently with Easter eggs, cheats/unlockables and log in names and passwords for the computer sections mentioned.

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