Star Wars and Forza coming to Kinect in 2011

Thanks to a recent interview during the launch of KINECT in the UK creative director of the Kinect, Kudo Tsunoda has confirmed the released date of Star Wars Kinect and Forza Kinect.

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Rayz3d6yW0lves2954d ago

I love Forza 3, in my opinion, best darn racing game this generation until metacritic and I say different. I like Kinect but keep clear from Forza 4 unless you're just head tracking.
Side note: I hear the real reason for GT5 delay was because they were working on a seatbelt minigame that starts each time before a

RedDead2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Seatbelt minigame? Lol, shit reason for a delay but Epic none the less .

Edit---I won't be buying another racing game for a fewyears when I get GT5 though so Forza won't matter to me until maybe forza 5 possibly 6

Red_Orange_Juice2954d ago

Star Wars game should be on Move

TheBlackSmoke2954d ago

Ohhhhhhh Star Wars on kinect..hmm wonder how they will accomplish that?....

.... Im envisioning luke skywalker riding in a minecart as the main premise....

Hanif-8762954d ago Show
zeddy2954d ago

going to be interesting the control sceme for forza kinect, i think everyone here would prefer an actual steering wheel.

KILLERAPP2954d ago

Is going to be kinect star wars vs. move star wars, both will have star wars games…

Moentjers2954d ago

I would prefer the one with the real sword.

Mystogan2954d ago

Source for "Move star wars" please

KILLERAPP2954d ago

Sony is not stupid and let MS have a star wars game and they have nothing…

Mystogan2954d ago

Thats not a source -.- and im pretty sure MS made an exclusive deal with LucasArts.

PirateThom2954d ago

Exclusive Deal.

Think about this.

KILLERAPP2954d ago

Well we won’t have to wait long to find out won’t we…

TreMillz2954d ago

Well this af is proof enough for you...though it may just be a move update for force unleashed. p/2010/10/16/playstation-move-l ight-saber-star-wars-in-2011/

DiRtY2954d ago


I am more hyped for the Japanese games though. I am just not into Racing and Star Wars. Sorry.

Preoject Draco and Rise of Nightmares is more me.

DiRtY2954d ago

Disagrees for what? I just said something about MY gaming taste.

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The story is too old to be commented.