Haze - "Wake the f*** up, a***holes, time for some more reading"

Wake the f*** up, a***holes. It's time for you to do some more reading on
Creating the Character Art of Haze. This time, it's all about how our illustrious Lead Character Artist managed to make those wonderful yellow-headed soldiers in HAZE. Hop to it.

Lead Art Developer:

"I actually started off in 2d design. I made the dubious error of doing a graphic design course, assuming that I would somehow change the world with my scandalous and rebellious poster design. However, I soon discovered that my job was, in fact, going to be designing menus for crap restaurants. Also, into the mix, I was getting paid f**k all."

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TriggerHappy4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

That was a good read, anything with game development is off a great interest to me. They are putting a lot of work into the title and portraying the game as a "BAD ASS", I hope it is done right and it pays of for them.

Ru4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I agree and relate.

Foliage4071d ago

It was a pretty good read.

Frances-the-Mute4071d ago

excellent article, one of the FPS i'll be playing this year

fopums4071d ago

I concure! now FR please put a demo on the PSN :D

PS360PCROCKS4071d ago

I dont have time to read but I have to comment that I am sick of their use of cussing to get attention, it's really annoying...disagree all you want but if their way of getting attention is cussing well than excuse me from that. I don't do vulgar and it doesn't entice me to want to try your game.

ThisIsWaiting4071d ago

... are trying like hell to compete/take attention away from Halo3 ... I guess the excessive cussing is 'pulling out all the stops'

4071d ago
resistance1004070d ago

I agree, but they have to do something or get lost in the Halo3 hype, to be fair they have done a good job, and are getting a fair bit of attention this close to halo3 launch

TOM4071d ago

Not only do I have to see this childishness in the forums now its going too far. How do I "ignore" headders writting by children? GROW UP GUYS.

Maddens Raiders4071d ago

worry less about "offensive" headers and more about offensive avatars. *_*

Maddens Raiders4071d ago

-- "How The Hell Did You Do That?
Welcome to our new section, entitled 'HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?' in here, we'll be grilling the top brass to find out how they managed to make Haze such a triple-A kickassterpiece." --

Man, I hope this is a great F*[email protected]$N% game for both systems. doh!

s8anicslayer4071d ago

haze is not multi system anymore it has been announced as a ps3 exclusive today,ubisoft canned the 360 and pc version

Maddens Raiders4071d ago

yeah I know that

that was the reason for the "doh!" :D

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