Stranglehold For PS3, PC Pushed Back One More Time

Yes, the Xbox 360 version has "gone gold" and should meet its previously scheduled release date, but it appears the Curse of John Woo has once again forced Midway to push back Stranglehold for the PLAYSTATION 3 and the PC one (hopefully) final time. According to the latest schedule from the Stranglehold publisher, the Xbox 360 version is hitting on September 5th, with the PC version shipping a couple of weeks later, and the PS3 picking up the rear on the 25th. Good thing nothing else of importance is shipping that day.

No big deal. We PS3 gamers are certainly used to waiting for the Xbox 360's hand-me-downs. I suppose the promise of the Blu-ray version of Hard Boiled will make the wait much easier.

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RadientFlux4122d ago

oh well people with only a PS3 need something to play the week of the 25th

Mr Marbles4122d ago

All I can say is the UE3 must be a real b*tch to work with on the PS3.
At least they didn't delay both versions just because the PS3 version is a lemon, *cough* GTAIV

Evil0Angel4121d ago

plus i think it is the right time to lunch the game in each system:
-360:after finishing Bioshock people can pick this one
-PS3:Warhawk(released 2 days ago) / HS in next week or so / Lair is also in early september : so if they release the game in PS3 now it will be lost between this games, while in 25 SEP PS3 got nothing schdule for that date

sorry for the splling / grammer .... mistakes

s8anicslayer4122d ago

well i will be playing halo 3 on my 360 and will be playing heavenly sword on my ps3

Charlie26884122d ago

apparently now the PC is "hard to develop for"


ktchong4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Developing for PC has become much harder... now that PC developers have to develop for *both* DX9 and DX10. I'm sure you've already heard programmers complaining about Microsoft has made PC game development much harder by releasing Vista with DX10 but make DX10 incompatible with XP.


i guess the 180 is the only one capable of easily handling middle gen games

Bloodmask4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

works for Nvidia. He said the 360 dev kits are actually better/easier to get games up and running than for the PC. For PC you have to code for lowest common denominator=all the low end PCs and GPUs as well as the high end ones.

Just what I was told but he is a pretty reliable source.

As far as PS3 goes UE3 is optimized for PC architecture so getting it to run on PS3 is probably a pain.

Bolts4122d ago

So? Thats the way PC development has been since day one. Hell if thats too hard then some of these people don't deserve to have jobs. Now the Xbox is easier to develop for than the PC? You gotta be kidding me.

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