Racism - 'Black' Players Report Being Harassed While Playing on the Internet

In real life, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson of the Ultimate Fighting Championships is the Light Heavyweight Champion and one of the last guys in the world a 15-year old kid would probably want to mess with.

But over a cable Internet connection playing the Xbox game "Halo 2," Jackson was an easy target.

In the June 2007 issue of Dub magazine, Jackson revealed that he stopped playing Halo 2 online, which is one of his favorite games, because of negative experiences he had with members of his own teams.

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jay34123d ago

Ah, black people are as "Racist" as white people.

It's unfortunate that this guy was put off because of some "Racist" assholes, but this is making it seem like it's only white guys doing it.

Ru4123d ago

Racist Comments i hear on XBL are from young sounding white kids under 18 years of age.
Ignorance I assume.
Not hate just Ignorance

TriggerHappy4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

One of the reasons why I dislike chatting online during an online game is because of what I hear. I hope something is done over this as online gaming keeps on evolving day in and day out.

jay34123d ago

Why did i get disagrees!?

T_Tokyo20104123d ago

You got disagrees because the majority of online players (like myself) hear racism online being directed at the black community. I myself have bared witness to this, in games such as Halo, Socom as well as even Gears, and Resistance. I can honestly say I've never heard a black person ever online being racist towards anyone(but other black people maybe).

JsonHenry4123d ago

Most of the "racism" I hear on XBL is simply taunting, nothing personal and certainly not coming from what would be a hate mongerer by any means.

TheSadTruth4123d ago

wow boo friggin hoo... you play online with a much of spoiled white kids and whine because they call you racist names?

whenever I play basketball in the city the black kids their look at me and judge me and call me sh*t like whiteboy and its the SAME EXACT THING

It's a double standard, and no I don't condone racism at all

Now I'm sure most of you n4g members will immediately "disagree" with me because the black members of your community aren't like what I described at all, which is probably true

hazeblaze4123d ago

I have never heard any black, asian, or hispanic racists except in response to some white jerk's comments.

jay34123d ago

Woah, maybe i'm the only one whos experienced black people being "Racist" toward whites...

This whole comment board could escalate into something much more than a flame war...

Blitzed4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Are you kidding me dude?! I hope you are talking strictly about XBL, because to make a blanket statement like that, well , you're an idiot, no matter what race you are. (If you are talking strictly about you're experiences on XBL then I apologize, but you should clarify your comments).

I actually remember reading someone post "I cant be racist, I'm a brownie!", like only white people can be racist! Its like the term "Reverse Racism" when someone is racist towards whites. Reverse Racism! What the f*** is that, like its not quite racism when its directed towards whites. Guess what, thats a racist attitude. I dont want to downplay how much racism the majority of minorities put up with because I'm sure it drives them crazy, but c'mon, every race has racists.

drtysouf214123d ago

think its safe to say the majority of it stems from whites being racist towards blacks atleast online. Thats my personal experience atleast. Those of you that don't remember or haven't seen this look at this story where i was attacked
and that was right here on N4G. That persons comment has been removed but a quick summary: N word was used numerous times and i was threatened by having my family hung and so forth and that nonsense continued on for about a week with multiple accounts being made using the N word in that persons screen name and i received personal threats through private message and had to block like 6 accounts before each one was banned. So i can say i've personally experienced this first hand on this site and xbox live. I just wish this type of thing didn't exist because it does ruin the online experience.

Tabasco4123d ago

I hear ya man, maybe not in video games but in the real world there are just as many racist black people. I hear horrible stories from my nephew in high school who comes home almost in tears from the hazy and teasing he gets from his classmate and teammates. He and I had a grown up and attended school that were inner city and the majority were black. It a horrible thing for anybody, but please white people are not the only offenders here.

jay34123d ago

Thanks man, i'm glad to see someone gets what i was trying to say. Bubbles heading your way.

JsonHenry4123d ago

Dude, I can tell you from personal experience - I have witnessed more blacks and hispanics being racist towards whites than anything else. But maybe online it is different since more whites tend to play video games ONLINE.

Delive4123d ago

Jay: Most black people get frustrated at being the target of racist comments and fire back out of defense, anger and frustration. I would say that Americans in general make racist comments, but in the online area, I see it starting from a white guy calling out a minority.

SadTruth: Sorry, but it's different, COMPLETELY. Not saying it's cool for a black guy to call you whiteboy and all, but he's not hiding behind a mic when saying it.

solidt124122d ago

Dude this is about ruining someones online experience and has nothing to do with a competition of who is more racist. You need to grow up. It really ruins the experience of playing online when you have someone calling you racist names regardless of what color you are.

MrSwede4122d ago

@drtysouf21: Man that was bad! I haven´t been on this site for long so I haven´t seen that much but that was bad. I truly hope you got rid of that guy!

Lifendz4122d ago

I've been playing online for a little over a month (excluding WoW) and I have to say that I hear the N word about 50 times as much as I hear anything derogatory towards whites. In fact, whites are usually the aggressors as was said in this story. Like Rampage, I don't let it get to me and I don't get in a war of the words with some teenager. I just mute em, ignore em, and keep it moving. Lucky for me I own a PS3 and it's nowhere near as bad as XBL. Gears of War online being a chief example. God help you if you pick the black guy.

Evil0Angel4122d ago

but if they do not bring this stuff up while they playing, no one else will no and annoy them

MikeGdaGod4122d ago

what people don't understand is how for years, black people have used the word that were directed towards us as negative and turn them into something positive.

we use the n word many times as a term of endearment towards each other. this isn't the only time. look at the word dope. for years it was used to describe drugs in the black community. now we use it to say something was really good as in "Warhawk is a dope ass game" or "That was dope". its happening again now. everyone knows what crack is but now, when people hear music they like they'll say "Did you hear so-in-so's new song? That whole album is crack". its all just slang that we twist around for ourselves.

white people usually don't get this but i can understand. i went to a high school with whites and blacks and i hated when i'd heard blacks use the n word in front of white people. even though i knew they were being friendly. white people will find it ok to use the word as long as we continue to use it in front of them.

and to those that said they got beat up for being white. its probably had nothing to do with your skin color. you're probably just a lame. and you know how us blacks hate lames.............well at least i do.

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Lord Anubis4123d ago

with clans like "White Power" following members around I'm sure anyone would stop playing games.

Trauma4123d ago

Hopefully with the new ban system and feedback options this will really put a halt to alot of the xbox live problems. Of couse people will abuse this and report people after losing but at least its a start.

MoonDust4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Kids who get beat up by the black players at school go home and express their anger over the internet/computer where no one can harm them :D But then the next day...KARMA strikes them in the face.

fopums4123d ago

thats why I almost never where my headset, stupid people online

Frances-the-Mute4123d ago

thats why i dont chat while i'm playing online, but i thought is was the other way around, in my experience