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"The original Goldeneye is considered by many to be one of the all time great console shooters. It brought multiplayer shooting to consoles for the first time, and while not without its problems, it was a good first step on a journey that Halo would eventually finish. Unlike Halo, though, Goldeneye hasn’t aged well. I didn’t play it when it first came out, and when I finally got around to trying it, the outdated graphics and clunky gameplay prevented me from getting into it.

When Activision announced that there would be a modern remake of the game, I was excited. Finally, I’d be able to enjoy Goldeneye, with improved graphics and new mechanics. I mean, hey how could it possibly be anything but awesome?

Oh, look, it’s Daniel Craig."

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matey2929d ago

Wow this REVIEW is an April fooles joke yeah oh wait its not April WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON I HAVE SEEN 94/100 95/100 5/5 alot of reviews that havnt made metacritic yet but if Metacritic take this serious im COMPLAINING TO THE BOSSES OF METACRITIC SERIOUS A NINTENDO HATER WOULDNT SCORE IT LESS THAN 7/10-8/10 This is simply a fan of the PS3/360 that wanted a more solid Bond game than Bloodstone and simply scored Goldeneye ultra low to bring Meta score down i would give Goldeneye 9.6/10
Graphics 9
Gameplay 9.5
Presentation 9.5
Story 10
Lasting Appeal 10

g-0ff2929d ago

You know, I'd just like to point out that, of the 4 games I've reviewed so far, three have been Nintendo exclusives, (the others being kirby and professor layton,) and of those, I've given Kirby a 9.5 and Professor Layton a 10.


pcz2929d ago

If this person wants any credibility as a writer or games journalist they seriously need to revise this score or stop taking crack.

KeenanTheSavage2929d ago

If somebody wants credibility as a games journalist or writer, then they should express their opinions when giving an honest review because that's just what a review is, an OPINION. If you follow the crowd like everybody else, then what good does that do for consumers? Geoff did an honest review, and if you don't like it, go whack it to all of the others that are 9's and 10's.