PC Gamers suffer with Call of Duty: Black Ops

If you've picked up the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops you might be experiencing issues with performance, as many people are rushing onto the Internet to report on lag and stuttering during cutscenes, even on high-end systems.

It seems to be caused by a memory leak, with CPU usage nearing 100% even at relatively quiet areas of the game. Multiplayer modes aren't free from these issues either.

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Brian52472956d ago

I purchased this for PC and run it on an i7 3.02ghz CPU with a GeForce 465 Videocard and still have a horrendous amount of lag. The netcode is absolutely abysmal and at times is nearly unplayable due to the stuttering. Here's hoping they release a hotfix in the next few days, lest Treyarch wants thousands of irate PC gamers on their hands.

ipwnall2956d ago

I had the same issue until I got a fix.


Worked for me.

Newtype2956d ago

Why the hell did you buy a 465? You ripped yourself off, and it's common knowledge not to buy nVidia's odd numbered cards.

toaster2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Common knowledge? lolwut? 285 and 295 are still champs in gaming. 285 improved on the 280, there were no negatives. 295 was dual GPU with amazing performance. It's just the 465 that was shoddy because it was a GF100 chip. And ever thought that maybe he got it when it first released?

wicko2956d ago

Okay odd numbered cards argument is dumb. But about the 465, reviewers basically recommended not to buy that card. So basically anyone who's bought it either ignored the advice or didn't do their research.

STONEY42955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

The GTX 275 was also the best price/performance card of that Nvidia series. The GTX 465 was just a bad card though, the GTX 460 turned out better since it was based on the improved GF104 chip.

Cryptech2956d ago

I have a high end rig and it stutters bad every 5 sec or so. Its terrible. I hope they patch it. I went out and bought it on PS3 too just so I could play it without the hassles.

marichuu2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I'm running i7 860 stock speed, XFX 5850 BE, 4GB G.skill 1600MHz RAM, OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD and I still had issues with lag... or more like 5 second freeze.
Looking at my cpu usage while playing single player, it didn't get above 40% while a single core hit 70%
The sp did not have the 5 second freezing though... It's dfntly the netcode that screws the game up. The multiplayer is far from a finished product... especially the server browser.

Someone posted a temp. fix on the Steam forums which works on some systems. It somewhat worked on mine. I'm not experiencing such stuttering any more.

Akagi2956d ago

Ha, why do all PC gamers try to show off their rig with each comment that refers to their PC?

@topic: Why not use MW1 code? It runs fine online.

callahan092956d ago

Uh, because when you're talking about experiencing problems with a PC game, it's meaningless unless people know what machine you're running it on.

Gawdl3y2956d ago

Because if they didn't, it wouldn't be as clear whether or not their system is meant to handle things like this. For example, I could complain about there being horrendous lag, but not once mention my system specs. What if I told you that my system was running on an Intel Centrino with an integrated Intel graphics card? That's pure garbage, of course it would be lagging. Therefore, if we mention our specs, it takes away the potential that the problem could be that we just have a crappy system.


Because if ur running it below the recommended system requirements, that could b ur problem. We hav to kno if ur pc is good enough to run it.

big_silky2956d ago

it's cod, i don't feel too bad. it's god telling you to get over it and play something else.

Skynetone2956d ago

counting fps to notice any problems

TheIneffableBob2956d ago

i7-930 @ 3.5 GHz
Gigabyte HD 5870
6GB Corsair Dominators DDR3

Game plays flawlessly without any lag. There was ONE stutter during the 5 hour campaign and that was it. There is network lag, but it's been getting better. Should be cleared up by tomorrow.

MegaMohsi2956d ago

i have an i7930 gtx 460 and 8gb ram and my game has run pretty smoothly 1920x1080 8x aa all textures and AF on high and I only have stuttering when I change settings

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