Madame Tussaud Masterchief Statue

A source on the net touring Madame Tussauds studios in London caught a glimpse of what looked like a Master Chief statue in the works. He said it was huge -- like 7 ft tall.

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Daewoodrow4041d ago

interesting, I believe 7ft is "actual" size, which is Tussaud's usual policy, all the celebrities are actual size.
I've been to the London Madame Tussaud's several time, most recently last year, it a fun place, a little overpriced though.

Ru4041d ago

They carve him into Mount Rushmore.

s8anicslayer4041d ago

Masterchief has become a cultural icon!Amazing and happy for ms and bungie

ArduousAndy4041d ago

nintendo has mario Xbox has Master Chief. And for Sony. Do they have a mascot character?

MaximusPrime4040d ago

despite being a PS3 fan, i actually like playing the first two Halo.

I wouldnt mind checking it out at Madame Tussauds.

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